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Sure hope they are wrong about #1. I am hoping he just needs a rest to get closer to 100%. Pretty clear he won’t be his normal Superman self with a broken hand. It’s the shoulder that is worrisome.

Saw the same info…hate it for him and us. Someone needs to step up

It’s now the collar bone, from my understanding.

If that is true its a huge, huge blow. I know…next man up and all that. But it’s not like losing someone where their backup is just about as good. Unless Atwater or Hamlin or Kennedy revert to college age and walk out onto that field, we don’t have anyone close to bringing what Jalen brings.

But, this is tackle football. This does happen. It’s part of being a good team. Having depth. But losing Superman back there at FS would be a bad bad scenario. Let’s hope someone…Slusher maybe…can shine given this opportunity.

I thought you meant KJ when you said #1

Then realized the hand, shoulder, collarbone, etc, knew who you meant.

Honestly he hasn’t been able to be very effective, so not sure we are any worse now than we were last week.

I guess he’s hurt badly enough that we can’t really expect him to be back or back & effective before the end of the year. Too bad for him & us. A great player.

If it’s true, what you will miss will be his ability to make sure teammates are lined up correctly. He’s good at that. He’s been a shell of himself this year. Can’t wrap up. Can’t catch the ball.

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Correct, he’s the QB of the secondary, hopefully Slusher, or someone is getting a lot of film study this week.

Can Fouche not take over that role? He’s a senior and a 2 year starter. Didn’t he also start at Free Safety as a Soph?

I hate it for him. This is not same defense without him and it has shown the past two games. This is where Odom earns his pay.

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We were really bad back there last week.

Wasn’t he out for the Mizzou game last year too? Man, he does seem integral to the defense. Come on Foucha. Let’s get it done.

Yeah losing Catalan would be a tremendous loss. Our secondary wasn’t playing very well with him in there now you take the leader and best player out of there who knows what we will see from here on out. They’re real high on the kid Johnson I guess we’re about to find out if it’s well founded.

That is exactly right. Clay really nailed it with the insightful comment on his podcast that our defensive scheme asks alot of Catalon. So it sounds to me like not only will we lose a star player, but we will probably have to tweak the scheme to diminish the responsibilities of the slot.

Actually, Catalon was on the field for the second half against Missouri. He was definitely there in the fourth quarter when they slumped. It was when Morgan went out that the defense went in the tank against Missouri. The Hogs were also out of DBs against Missouri.

And, the thought on who will be the signal caller in the back end, I figure it will be Simeon Blair. He’s experienced, but they all leaned on Catalon.

Clay, can some of that (signal calling) be done from the sidelines or is it too fast paced? Or, maybe offense keys can’t be read from the sideline as well? And, yes, I now recall Morgan’s absence and Mizzou. Thanks for clearing that up.

It does come from the sideline, but it’s the communication after that, with motions and shifts. Decisions made then are among the players.

The way coaches have always explained how you figure out who to play, it’s about getting your best 11 on the field. Is that a 3-3-5 or a 4-2-5? It could be that inserting an extra defensive linemen for a safety is the best lineup? I’m not saying. I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but it’s a possibility.

Is this a season-ending injury or is there some hope of him returning in the next 4-6 weeks?

Good ? on injury healing but no way to know without knowing what and how long he has had it. It is a fact playing in SEC is hard without an injury and one would not expect it to heal without complete rest as wear and tear would continue until possibly more damage not repairable is done. Up to this point , seems both he and coaches thought it was manageable.

Remember when he left Ole Miss game, Corral pointed it out and they went after his spot right after that, these SEC coaches will be all over that if he cannot man the position. Sounds like it is next man up and that includes the other 10 on field with him.