Murder U adds QB transfer from Notre Dame

Which pretty much tells you nobody won the job in the spring to replace Bryce Young. They now have five scholarship QBs, unless somebody hits the portal this weekend. Saban hired the ND OC as his OC in February so there is familiarity there with the new guy, Tyler Buchner.

Do they still put wanted posters in the post office? I’ve not been in a post office in I guess about 20-25 years.


I was in one recently; I’m constantly having to do priority mail and stuff like that for my state licenses, and no way to do that from home. I think there are still wanted posters on the wall.

I’ll go check it out here in DFW!!

Do they still put photos of such on milk cartons???

I haven’t seen a milk carton in ages, so I don’t know. The places I shop only carry milk in plastic jugs.

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