Multiple long snappers

An interesting note from today: Arkansas is using two long sappers this season; one for field goals and one for punts. As of now, Matt Emrich will be the starting snapper for punts and Robert Decker will be the one for field goals.

I guess if Robert ever ends up picking up the punt-snapping duties as well, he will be known as “Double-Decker” . . . no?


Matt Emrich? Wasn’t he the holder last year?

I know you don’t have to be too big to be a deep-snapper, but going from holder to snapper probably doesn’t happen that often.

I think he was actually brought in to snap and they liked his hands, so they put him at holder. Either way, it’s a unique combination.

It’s my understanding that Matt will still hold for FG and PAT in addition to deep snapping duties.