Multiple 80-yard TDs

The Florida game was the fifth time in school history Arkansas has had two offensive touchdowns of 80 or more yards. The others:

2014 vs. Nicholls: Jonathan Williams and Keon Hatcher TD runs of 90 and 82 yards, respectively.

2010 vs. LSU: Cobi Hamilton TD receptions of 85 and 80 yards.

1997 vs. LSU: Anthony Eubanks and Anthony Lucas TD receptions of 80 yards.

1932 vs. Baylor: Ralph LaForge TD runs of 86 and 80 yards.

When I read your subject line this is the game that immediately came to mind. It’s part of the answer to a trivia question, which is “when was the last time Arkansas scored Touchdowns on 3 consecutive offensive plays?”.

The Razorbacks had scored on a run near the goal line (don’t remember who the back was…may have been Stoerner on a QB sneak), then the next two times they got the ball Stoerner threw the two long TD passes (to Anthony Lucas and Eubanks, respectively) on first and 10…so they scored TD’s on 3 consecutive plays.

Still lost the game, but it was a sign of things to come in 1998.

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