Mullen's weak excuse

The sideline reporter asked Dan Mullen about time management as he was leaving the field ar halftime. The commentators were saying they needed to burn clock before snapping the ball. Mullen said, “We’re trying to score to keep up with these guys. We’re not trying for some one play thing.” C’mon man! You had a 1st down on the one yard line with 1:21 and the clock running and two timeouts and you snapped the ball way too fast. There was no one play factor. You blew it. Bama scored another TD. It would be so refreshing to hear a coach say, “We could have done that better. Najee Harris is a beast.” Harris, a running back, has, what, 3 receiving TDs? He might be making a stretch run for the Heisman

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Yeah very poor decision not to run the clock down

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I’ve come to the conclusion Dan is not a stand up guy.


I do not think it matters if you cannot stop the other team once in while.

Alligators win the 3rd quarter and the clock management mistake looms large.when are these coaches going to realize that in today’s game, a minute and a half is the new five minutes?

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Bama looked like they came out of half time thinking they had the game won. Probably the poorest qtr they’ve played this season.

Either way Fla needed to stop Bama. Bama countered every time they had to to stay ahead.

But what if Bama had squashed Florida a time or two on the goal line? Mullen would have looked like a fool running out the clock on his own team trying to score.

Sounds like you’re saying he could have beat BAMA? One play is the difference from a dumb coach to the only one to take down the king. Tough job.

Anybody think Mullen looks like Cousin Eddie from Vacation? :smiley:

I bet a lot of you guys in this thread were completely fine with Sam scoring with a lot of time left v. Mizzou a couple of weeks ago. I know, we were on the 14 yard line and all that. Need to score job 1. And we were not on the goal line like Fla. But it was inevitable Mizzou would score if we left it too much time. And we did. And they did. Just sayin…Sam has a few “game within the game” things to learn in the offseason. But make no mistake, love the guy…

Trying not to score because of time left on the clock is just hard to do. I don’t blame Mullen for that. I blame the rules in college football for no defense. You can’t hit anybody hard anymore especially a quarterback. You can’t play close on a receiver. Don’t touch the guy or its interference. Don’t tackle a guy near upper chest or head. It is crazy.

Is it time to take off the helmets and play flag football? The defense doesn’t have a fair deal in football any more. What they should do if they are going to play with these rules is just eliminate or make illegal any punting. Play the ball where it lies…like golf.

It’s just not that easy to play the game within a game from the 14 yard line trying to manage the clock and running more time off before scoring a “must have TD at the end of regulation”. If you don’t make it there is no 2nd half to try and make up for it. Add to that a first time starting QB along with our shaky Oline.
To each their own on that though.

Yes, big difference between being on the 14 yard line and the goal line as far as clock management.

Add to that, that holding by Oline is allowed. I thought the Championship Game last night was just not very good because of the lack of defense. Both teams have great defensive players, but they are not allowed to play or at least forced to play handicapped. When you are playing against offensive players as great as those, you cannot stop them under these rules.

I don’t have a problem with FL scoring when they did. Could he have managed the clock better and run off a few more seconds? Yes. But I think he was exited to have a chance to grab momentum knowing he was going to get the ball to start the second half. Hindsight is a perfect 20/20. As we all know, sometimes your defense needs to make a stop

More scoring is what the football gods (rules committees) wanted to achieve with all the rule changes to hamper the defense.

Actually, I said during and after the game that we left too much time one the clock because of the push they made in the first half with under a minute left.

I don’t think it was just the defensive rules that caused this high scoring game. I believe both Bama and Florida have the most prolific offenses they have ever had. I also don’t see quite the same level of defensive talent that both teams have had in the past. There was not one (sometimes 2) defensive player(s) on either team that could stop, or even somewhat contain, Pitts or Smith, 2 probable NFL stars. Ultimately Bama won because they had Najee in the running game.

What I saw was 2 fantastic offenses that were both clicking at the highest level. I saw 2 OCs calling great plays. It was an amazing game to watch. And by the way, I also enjoyed those 9-6 games that Bama and LSU played in that year they both had maybe their greatest defensive teams.

Nobody says he should have taken a knee or wasted a down. He had time to run 4 plays. No doubt he needed to score on the first play because it’s impossible to know if you’ll score on the next 3 if you don’t. However, the suggestion is that he could have run the clock down a bit further before he ran the first play. Bama might have scored anyway, but they’d have had less time.

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