Mullen to Florida?

Just got a notification that UF is finalizing negotiations with Dan Mullen. I’m not shocked, but I am mildly surprised. I know he can win a national championship at UF & never at MSU, but he’s absolutely adored at MSU. He’s been there long enough to establish it as home. If he doesn’t succeed at the highest level there, they’ll send him packing. Packing as a very wealthy man, but packing nonetheless.

Oh well, I guess I’d rather be competing with MSU for a new coach than UF. Plus this will likely make MSU a bit easier to beat than they’ve been lately. They’re a yearly opponent. UF isn’t. If this news is accurate, I’ll pencil in MSU as a win next year. Add them to OM & Vandy & I can see a 7 win season even if we don’t beat A&M, Bama, Auburn & LSU. If MU loses Lock (is he a senior?) to the draft, I can see an 8 win season. That’s unless we bomb on our own coaching search and lose this recruiting class & suffer lots of transfers.

MSU without a coach adds more suitors for Norvell.

Wish we would go ahead and hire him.

Also being reported Schiano to TN. Those were the two schools I was told were locked on Norvell, so he is still out there.

Right now I’d be very excited about Norvell. I know he’s unproven, but apparently our “Plan A” isn’t working out. We’ll have to wait 5 more years to go after Gus, I suppose. :smiley:

His conference championship game next Saturday is slowing things down for him.

I doubt any school announces him before next Sunday. Same thing would apply to any other coach playing next weekend - Malzahn, Frost, etc.

Agree, I think win by any 2 of those 3 would slow it down more. Has UCF/Memphis ever played in a New Year’s Six Bowl? I’m positive If Gus wins, he won’t say anything until after the first playoff game at the earliest

I really want Norvell as well but we are no longer in pursuit for a personal reason.

#1 Clue: James Caan 1974
#2 Clue: Kenny Roger’s

Obviously you are referring to “the Gambler” so you must be inferring that there is a gambling problem there?


I personally would still take him…no Casino’s near NW Arkansas correct?

Actually there are. Just west of Siloam Springs, just west of Fort Smith, and just west of Joplin.

Well…CBB was fond of Vegas as well

If I’m not mistaken, going to the Casino isn’t the issue, it’s betting on your own team. Is there a rule saying NO gambling?

There’s gambling and then there’s GAMBLING. Losing $50 in the slot machines in Pocola (just west of Fort Smith), that’s gambling. Missing on the $20 trifecta in the 7th at Oaklawn, that’s gambling. What John Daly does, that’s GAMBLING. JD has estimated that he’s lost upwards of $50 million in the casinos over his career. You don’t want your coach running up big debts to the casinos, or even worse, to bookies.