Mulkey vs. Muss

One on one. Make it take it. Ones and twos to 21.Barkley refs. Who wins and why?

Will it be shirts versus skins? If so, please let Muss be skins, I am afraid Kim might be as ugly on the outside as it seems she is on the inside.

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Now now. That wasn’t nice. Kim will probably choose to play in one of her Liberace like leisure suits, while Muss will probably go with an oversized throwback jersey and black shorts. Other decision will be where to play. I’m pretty sure I could secure my local community center in Sainte Genevieve Missouri. It’s probably close to equidistant between F’ville and BR.

You might want to look at a map unless they moved Missouri.


Yeah I did. I’m a little off. It’s SE Missouri and near the Mississippi, so I figured Kim could just hop on a barge.Jonesboro might be more equidistant, and the arena at ASU could probably use the traffic.


Well, Muss wins. Now. But in college? Woof. Mulkey, like her or hate her, was an all-time great at La Tech.

Mulkey gets on my last nerve. Challenges every call. EVERY. SINGLE. CALL. Screams at everyone. Is cocky as you can possibly be.

But girl can coach. No question there.


I think Muss is 3 or 4 years younger, and a little taller. Though not much. They both appear to be in good shape. I think it comes down to shooting. Not placing my bet until I watch them warm up. And poor Charles. He’s got his work cut out for him reffing this one.


the female calipari…always complaining

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Bet Muss can match the two in complaining to refs. :grinning::grinning::+1:

The only way Muss beats Mulkey in one on one is if she wears those high heels…

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