Mulkey goes Murky

" If someone says I would never send my daughter to Baylor, you hit them right in the face".

Yeah Kimmy, that’s just the response your beleaguered institution needs right now. I sure as heck wouldn’t send my daughter there!

She didn’t even send her son there. He’s on the baseball team at LSU. Good school for that, but so is Baylor.

As I recall, someone hit her son in the face with a baseball last year and caused his lip to swell to the size of a basketball.

That’s just dumb. If she wants to defend Baylor, she needs to do it much more diplomatically than that. People are rightly concerned about Baylor. Everyone there needs to show some humility. This isn’t the time for them to get all bent out of shape when someone voices fear–even if the fear might be a bit over the top.

Is it really over the top? That was the whole reason for the coverup, so that Daddy wouldn’t be afraid to send little girl to Waco for four years. Of course, that’s exactly what they have, although I’m sure the spin machine is running full bore in every Baptist church in Texas.

Oh, arguably not over the top, but I doubt Baylor is especially more dangerous than any college to send one’s daughter. I’m more offended by the whitewash of the offenses than I am scared that Baylor is a particularly dangerous place. However, that wasn’t really the point I was wanting to make–that whether the fear is exaggerated or not, it’s not something anyone at Baylor should blow off.

Baylor is a great school.

But an unforgiveable way to handle those events by the football people.

I’m pretty sure he made a play on the ball hit to him and misjudged it. Were we playing them at that time? Not sure.

She dodged questions about it after Baylor’s game against OU last night.

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…and some of them are not handling the widespread damage this has caused very well either. A very proud, normally morally high ground, institution is severely damaged and it will take years to heal the hurt and restore its reputation. I bet every sport at Baylor, particularly the ones trying to recruit young women, is getting hammered on the recruiting trails. Too bad she used a really stupid expression when she tried to ask for her supporters to help fight this. She only made things worse and I bet that makes her crazier than she already was. JMVHO.

Kim Commando’s statement plays right into the Baylor culture of violence narrative that began when a Baylor basketball player was murdered by a teammate about a decade ago. Baylor rose up rather quickly after the Bliss mess. That was a scandal that would have buried the Methodists over in Dallas.