Much being posted about why we lost

Blaming the refs, blaming the coach. The one big I saw was that Kentucky put a chaser on Joe in the second half and he only scored three. Why we did not have a chaser on the Herro kid I don’t know. Shoulof wooulof couldof…Kids played their rear ends off tonight. Could just be that Anderson better take three suits to the SECT.

Prob have to win out for only three suits. If we win out we will get a bye.

It’s easier to put a chaser on a player when you can afford to leave a couple of players wide open.

Comments: I don’t thinks some of these critics understands those aspects of the game, this team has to have balance scoring more than just Joe or Jones, and Emery maybe Sills on any giving night.

The difference being that Kentucky can consistently score from all five positions on the floor.

Yeah, but don’t exclude the officiating it has been horrible all season whether at home or on the road. To a young team inconsistent calls heavily weighted against you can get in your head.

What’s your new screen name gonna be?

If you get your wish, I hope the screen name will be the fourth one. First 3 will be disaster and won’t last too long. I hate for him to change screen names too frequently.

I really doubt it is any of those guys, especially since two of them already had the chance to come here and turned it down.

Come on PJ. All four of those coaches would be an upgrade over Mike.

Saban turned down Alabama the first time as well. If the administration is committed to winning and they decide one of these guys is who they want then they need to keep upping the offer until they can’t turn it down.

Why do you think they are an upgrade?

Hoiberg is on record that he hates recruiting. Not exactly a ringing self-endorsement. Two others on that list already turned us down, and I don’t think there is enough money to get Chris Beard out of Lubbock.

So you want to throw as much money as it takes to get one of these guys? Isn’t that kinda what we did with Bielema, and now we’re hamstrung by his buyout? Be careful what you ask for; you might just get it.

Agreed. If we go in a different direction, and i’m of the opinion that Mike gets next year, a lot of Hog fans are gonna be disappointed when it’s nobody on their list

That is creative… hat off.


Hamstrung with the buyout? Please…

They must not be hurting too bad to offer all that money to Gus.

They have plenty of money.

See, this is something that disappoints me. They offered a lot to Gus, and they also ponied up a lot for assistants for him to bring in. Then they hired a new coach and assistants for less than what Gus’ assistants were gonna get. Makes zero sense that they don’t have money for a buyout, also makes no sense them settling on CM.

Before anyone says anything I’m not saying fire Mike, and I’m not trying to belittle Chad, but if they were going all in with Gus, there are others out there in football you have to dangle that money at, and it should give you more than enough to buy out Mike and dangle a name big enough to excite even the most die hard Mike fan.

Baked you are saying the same thing that I have been thinking since December 2017.

It was my understanding that some of he big money Gus Bus folks committed the cash to compleat his salary.

But I’m certainly not sure.

I have doubts they would do the same for a basketball coach unless a HUGE name was interested. And that seems to be a pipe dream. Kinda like Gus pretending to be interested.