MU pitcher has a perfect game through 5

I understand the rule that no one is supposed to mention out of fear of jinxing the pitcher. Which is precisely why I’m doing it.

He’s only thrown about 50 pitches, too. If we don’t get our bats busy, he’ll sitll be fresh in the 9th inning. I really want to sweep this series.

Yeah we don’t have a clue so far maybe he’ll hit our bat with one, that is if we swing at it.

Meanwhile softball fell behind SoCar 7-0 thanks in large part to five unearned runs in the second inning. Rally underway in the sixth, now 7-2 with bases loaded. They’re going for the sweep today too.

It worked NE! Way to go Jack!! That’s what I’m talkin about!!

Softball cut it to 7-4, now top of the seventh. Won yesterday with a late grand slame. May need another one.

The ladies played hot potato with the ball early and made numerous throwing errors.

I don’t want to take too much credit, but all I can say is he had a perfect game through 5 innings. I brought to public attention & wham, Kenley knocks a homer to the scoreboard. Just sayin’

Our pitching keeps us within reach time after time…