MSU, Vandy, LSU, TAMU, and Ole Miss

All are above the Hogs in the new D1 Baseball poll…and, the only one we’ve played is Ole Miss who won their series on the Hill. Gonna be a tough road going forward. Says a lot when our 8-4 SEC record sounds average.

We better feast on Tennessee at home and UK on the road.

If we can some how win 5 of 6 of those (that is asking a LOT, I know) and get at least one win at Vandy, then take two of three against MSU at Home, and some how split 3-3 with LSU (home) and A&M (road), that gets us to 19 wins.

Frankly, 17-13 gets us a regional most likely.

Feasting on Tennessee and UK is really, really critical (and not getting swept on the road at Vandy or A&M).

8-4 is tied for 1st in the west, and is 2nd overall behind only Georgia. Our conference record isn’t what has us ranked below those other SEC teams. So far, both our pitching and offense have shown the ability to be really good, but have been inconsistent.

I tend to pay more attention to the RPI than the polls, but I don’t know why. Seems like the RPI had more impact on our seeding last year. Regardless, I have a hard time arguing with any of those schools sitting ahead of us. I haven’t compared our overall records, but even with our AU wins, we had a 4 game losing streak, including the 1-2 series loss with OM at home. Then there was that embarrassing loss against mighty UALR

Hey what can we say the SEC is a brutal league to play in,we will get to see if they are right b/c we play them all but the thing to keep in mind is that playing in this league is a HUGE benefit to us once post season starts b/c we will not fear anyone with all the trrmendous battles we go through.

I watched Vandy, Texas A@M and Miss ST play over the weekend. It may be brutal but if the hog can get solid pitching anything is possible. Take it one game at a time.
First up Vandy need to win the series and send a message.
Then come home and defend home field.
I believe the hogs can beat any team in the SEC 2 out of 3! At home or on the road.
They showed pure guts and heart in that 15 inning game at Auburn and that can springboard the team. I’d take 8-4 in the next 12 games right now! That may be hoping for too much but it’s possible.

When it’s all over, all of these teams are going to beat up on each other. If someone pulls away, I’ll be surprised.

Should we cancel the season or nah?


Should we cancel the season or nah?

[/quote]Not yet, but I did think it was a very interesting summary picture of the status of the SEC…and what lies ahead.