MSU-Georgia underway in Hoover

Mississippi State is up 2-0 on Brent Rooker’s 21st home run of the season in the first inning.

Now 3-zip in the fourth. Moo U got another run in the third inning. They have seven hits to two for UGa.

Still 3-0 in B6. Looks like we’ll face MSU.

Yep. MSU threw the same guy today they threw on Friday night at Baum. If they keep the same rotation as in March, they’ll go with Peyton Plumlee tomorrow. We whacked him around pretty well that night in March, five ER in less than two innings. However, their starter in the second game with LSU last weekend was Denver McQuary, who relieved Plumlee in the game at Baum and pitched three-plus innings with no runs allowed.

Georgia put two on with no outs in the ninth, but hit into a double play and MSU won 3-0.

I heard only a short snippet of the game while driving a few blocks. It was B8 I think & the announcers said the pitcher went deep into the game, saving their pitching staff for the rest of the week. I hate that. I’ll take every advantage we can get, and facing a team that’s short on pitching is an advantage.

Our chances for a national seed are admittedly slim, but part of what would have to happen is for UK to play poorly this week. So a win by the Poultry would be welcome. SoCar got 2 runs in the top of the third, UK answered in the bottom.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen today. UK won. SC is one loss away from going home.