MSU Game

This is a big game to set the tone for the season. All SEC games will be this season. We are not going to win them all. There are too many good teams, but this one will show if this team is really ready to step up. The last time on the road, they laid a complete, rotten egg. Hopefully, they learned from that. A road win against a good team wil set the stage for a great SEC season. A loss will mean they are going to have to step it up more. Either they are there, or they are close. Which is it?

Of course, what it really means is they will either be 1-1 or 2-0, but I think there is more to it becasue of where it falls on the schedule and what happend with the last road game.

Arkansas is a 3 or 4 point favorite. However, considering how long and hard our starters had to play against Tennessee and the short turn around, almost certainly they will not be up to playing their best. Therefore, for Arkansas to win the bench needs to play really well.

Hopefully no travel issues. I’m sure our guys would like to pay the bullies back for what they’ve done to us the last two seasons. Thankfully we do not have to get ready for IJ. Like most ex pats, he seemed to play really well against us. One thing in our favor. We’ve played a much better schedule than they have. We’re big game tested and they’ve got cupcake cream on their faces.

After the Houston game, it put a big question mark in front of AR, can they play well on the road; well enough to win. We’ll find that out Tuesday night. Win or loss will set the tone for a good or midcore season.

How are they certainly not going to be playing their best? If any of these guys have any expectations of playing pro basketball they better get use to playing more than 1 game a week, in the NBA you play 4 or 5 games a week, and games are 48 minutes long.

If we lose to MSU, I would hope it wasn’t because guys were tired, otherwise we’re in serious trouble the rest of the year, because tough games and playing with only 2-3 days rest is going to be the norm in the SEC this year. And most certainly the norm in the NCAA tournament.

I am certain that MSU will be fired up tonight and playing with sd much vim and vigor as Houston was. They will play a tight man to man d and try not to allow open shots. I think the key is for our guys to be matching that intensity, which they did not do in Houston, nor did they do that at home against Tennessee. Home crowd got us through it. They are going to have to play a tighter defense to win on the road. You cant let the other team have open shots while your are shooting fade away 15 foot baseline jumpers with one hand because you cant get off a decent shot. The odds will kick your ass in the end. This team has to play tighter defense.

Agree. A must, especially on the road.

The formula does not change. Sweep at home. Win 3-4-5 on road. That will put you solidly into the NCAA tournament.

At what point does the goal change from just wanting to make the tournament? It would be nice to win a SEC Championship again and get a Top 4 seed in the NCAA tournament. There is no reason this team can’t compete for the SEC Championship this year.

boy do i agree with that. the ncaa should be our goal every year, but we should set out sights higher to become a dominant program again. why not shoot for a 1, 2, 3, or 4 seed every year. now your talking. put these punks in their place. be intense every game. the houston game they were slow, tentative, and defense was atrocious.

so says the fans of the program that has been a dumpster fire for about 2 decades. Looks like this bunch has a chance to go pretty far, but regardless how far they go unless they win it all it will not have been very good. Talent, got to have talent and we don’t have that kind of talent just yet. Could be it is coming next season. Will have to see how they stack up vrs national folks. Nothing wrong with having high expectations but no matter how good the bunch coming is they will still be Freshmen next season and not all 5 stars.

Good post. Us old folks forget what it was like as an 18-22 year old kid and how quickly you could recover. I remember my HS baseball team got into some trouble with the coach and he called us in on a Sunday and made us run 50 straight 40 yard dashes. If you have never done this, it was brutal. A lot of puking and laying on the ground after it was over. But, after about an hour, we were playing full court basketball in the gym for fun. Amazing.

They have obviously gotten close to doing that 2 of the last 3 years and would appear to have a chance to do so again this season.

Expectations are getting hire.

But it is going to be tougher than it has been in quite a while to win on the road in the SEC so they have to be realistic expectations.

If they split on the road, that would be great to me.

Not EVEN CLOSE to being a must win. Many on this board wrote the team off last year after a couple of bad performances, if my memory serves during the last third of the schedule. Your going to lose on the road in this conference. 5 or 6 losses could win/tie for the conference this year. Split on the road would be Xcellent.

We have to play much better defense on the perimeter and we must shoot decent to win. Our defense on the perimeter has not been as good lately. UT’s guards were very talented and capable of driving to the basket and kicking out to an open player on the perimeter, but I am not sure how many teams will match UT’s talent in the SEC this year. UK doesn’t look world’s better than UT, A&M or Bama. UF is an unknown until they get their big man back.

If we can go 5-4 on the road and sweep at home then I think we have a good chance at winning the SEC. 6-3 on the road and 9-0 at home and I think we are the SEC Champs. This game tonight is a very winnable game. Hopefully, we play great and take care of business.