MSU film room

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— Rawleigh’s big night. He finished big runs tonight, turning big holes into huge gains.
— The OL dominated, regardless of who was in the backfield. Obviously this hasn’t been the typical Bielema OL that can push almost every team around, but MSU obviously turned out to be one of the teams it could.
— Defending the QB run. Gave up 96 on 6 carries in the first quarter. Fitzgerald had 35 on 11 the rest of the way. The punts in the second quarter turned the game.
— Austin Allen bounced back well, looked more poised in a pocket that was markedly better.
— Fred Ross can no longer haunt Arkansas, but he didn’t disappoint in his final matchup with the Hogs. Fitzgerald was able to pick Hogs apart at times, with Ross accounting for more than half the receiving production.
— Scoota and Sosa played very well. Scoota, in particular, looked like he was in the right place a lot, able to get off blocks and make plays at or around the LOS. Have to think he may be the main guy at WLB the rest of the way.