MSU coach....

Gets on my nerves but give him his due. This is a well coached team.

The Hogs had a good year.

that guy acts like a miserable individual,worst personality have ever seen,dont know how he can recruit so well but they do. but I have nothing for the man personally.

He is just a prune! God made all of us different. And man he is different.

His interview during the game was pathetic. There are words I cannot use on here to describe him.

I talked to someone last night who has followed Keith Guttin for a long time. He said Guttin thrives on being the curmudgeon. Guttin spent years in Gene Stephenson’s shadow in the Missouri Valley, is at the second-most popular school in his state, etc.

But the results show he’s a very good coach and has a strong team this year. I would not be surprised to see Missouri State beat TCU.

I for one will be rooting hard for TCU. I can’t stand that guy!

Agree. I dont like their fans, either. Go frogs

When the 3 word answer interview was done there was a “pregnant pause”. In my mind I could see the announcers turning off their mikes and grumbling about him.