MSU attendance

Attendance prediction for tomorrow? I say 56,000 tickets sold with actual folks there around 45,000. No rain and homecoming helps a bit.

If they lose tomorrow WKU attendance will be interesting… 2-7, modern gun season opening weekend, etc. What’s the lowest attendance in Fayetteville post 2001 expansion?

I’m thinking it maybe a tad higher. 50,000+ at the stadium.

See a lot of people thinking we have a chance to win. Lot of people complaining about the low numbers for Auburn. So, I think you’ll see more people tomorrow.

If we win, I expect the number to be lower for WKU anyways (as you said 1st day of modern gun), if we lose, I’m like you, wonder what the lowest attendance post expansion was.

I think tomorrow should be a bit higher than AU since the weather is supposed to be good. It’s the last SEC game & one we have a chance to win. Also a pretty good start time.

I agree with baked. WKU might be lower, but if we lose tomorrow, it could be just awful.

Lowest attended game I’ve ever been to was against LSU in I think 1996. Rained cats and dogs and Hogs were 4-6 going in. Pretty sure announced crowd was a little above 22,000.

Couple things…

  1. 3pm start, sunshine, should help

  2. It’s family weekend, should help

  3. We have a chance to win and Jesus Jones gave us all hope against Bama (“right here, right now!”)

  4. I’m taking 8 to the game, so that helps lol


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1983 vs. SMU in Little Rock had maybe 10,000 in the stands due to a raging thunderstorm and tornado warnings in Pulaski County. I stood in my rainsuit most of the game with nobody seated behind me to complain, as Reggie Dupard ran over us all day long.

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I think there will be around 40-45 thousand, like the Auburn game. Auburn was sunny and high 60’s with 0% chance of win. Tomorrow will be sunny, high 52 with a 40% chance of win.

I’ll say 45,000 because the students won’t be on break. Homecoming helps.

I attended that game. Today they would delay it. Bad day all the way around.

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The youth hunt opens this weekend. Modern gun officially opens next weekend. That will be the emptiest the stadium will be all season, and maybe the reason we lose, if we do. I will be in a deer stand nest weekend for sure.

It’s Homecoming, Family Weekend was SJSU.

I was planning to go but my buddy that had the tickets bailed on me… so I’ll be watching it from home!

I was there for that game in Little Rock. I heard tickets being hawked for $2.00 as I was going in, my brother ironically remarked, it a sad time for razorback football . Madre Hill returned a kickoff for a td if I am on the same game.

Final score that day was 17-0. They could have played eight quarters and we wouldn’t have scored. I don’t remember the crowd being THAT small, but I do remember hearing tornado sirens from the WMS press box where I was sitting.

That would have been a decent crowd for a couple of games I attended in the 50s

Madre’s return was in 1994.

The attendance today is 52,256 tickets distributed.

That means tickets sold, tickets given away, etc.

It does not mean how many are here in the stadium.

I’d estimate somewhere between 35-40k.

Watched the crane-suspended camera platform fly out to a 45-degree angle and the camera operator hold on for dear life.

Field never seemed to rid itself of standing water, overwhelming the drainage system.