Ms Comer Peoples as AD

I watched Ms. Comer Peoples press conference and I thought she was very impressive in articulating the way forward in regard to our athletic program. It is my hope that she is a candidate for the job as I believe she would be a great asset to the University we love.

She’s probably qualified and would do a good job. But the good ole boys aren’t going to fire a guy and hire his assistant AD.

It will never happen. She was brought here by Jeff Long

I have no doubt she is qualified, but she won’t get the full-time job. To her credit, she was not campaigning for it tonight when most interims do.

Here’s a “Long” shot:
Auburn loses to Bama.
Gus is hired as HC.
Peoples has the interim removed.

I liked what I heard from her. She knows how to say the right things. How does that tranfer to action? No idea.

I don’t think the Good Ole Boys will give her a chance. I think they want a pupet to be at their bidding. I do not get the feeling that this lady would be anybody’s pupet. She is far too smart for that.

would she know what to look for in a coach of any sport?

I believe that the “good ole boys” know who they want to be our next football coach. Hopefully that will not impact who is chosen to be the athletics director who is resposble for all Razorback sports.