Mr. Wonderful

Kind of looks like Paul Orndorff.

Interesting to see the change in past 5 years

Great Reference. And what do we know about “professional wrestlers”?

LOL. I was a big Mid-South guy and liked the early years of the WWF-WWE.

I lived for Mid-South Wrestling on Saturday’s as a kid.


Nice catch RD. Lane needs to bulk up a little.

Right there with ya. Junkyard Dog, Cowboy Bill Watts, Mr. Wrestling # 2, Pork Chops Cash. Could go on and on. Midget wrestlin’. Probably can’t do that anymore.

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Dr. X and the Spoiler. Loved the Spoiler.

Jake the Snake and Hacksaw. Scandar Akbar and Kamala. Those were the days.

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Greenwood Coach Rick Jones is a huge Danny Hodge fan. He and I always go back and forth on Hodge and the Spoiler. Good times.

Danny Hodge, that’s definitely a blast from the past.

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I got to meet Danny Hodge about 1980. At that time, he was close to 60, and he was still a physical specimen. I shook hands with him and his hand was as hard as a concrete block. Really nice guy.

Just looked at Wikipedia and I guess he’s still alive. It said he’s 87.

Lived for it! Came on Saturday’s on channel 4!

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I’ll never forget how disappointed I was when I realized wrestling in the Olympics wasn’t like Mid-South lol.

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Loved the footage on Memphis rasslin of Kamala the Ugandan Warrior supposedly striding through the jungles of Uganda. I must say though, the pine trees and kudzu made me wonder if perhaps he was actually in the woods outside Olive Branch!:grinning:

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Jerry Lawler -The King; Superstar Bill Dundee; Tojo Yamamoto; Jackie Fargo; Dory Funk; Dory Funk Jr.; Jimmy Jack Funk; Dirty Dutch Mantell; Downtown Bruno; Mouth-of-the-South Jimmy Hart; Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto.

This slightly got derailed.

Do you remember Rowdy Red Roberts I think he was from Arkansas? WPS

My best friend was the ring announcer In Louisville for Jerry Lawler’s bunch out of Memphis. He got to know those guys pretty well. He has some really funny stories about them. Tough guys one and all.

My favorite line of his is “just because they know who will win - we don’t”.