Mr. Murphy is a very lenient grader

There is no way I would give this Offensive Line anything but an F. They have failed miserably. It may not be entirely their fault. They probably do not have a very good instructor. Some of the blame could be assigned to the admissions officers. At least a couple of these guys appear to be incapable of doing college work. At least at this level. Too bad we no longer have a remedial team.

I was thnking the same thing and started to Post as you did, but thought I had been so negative lately that I should just leave it alone. Here is mine like I know something:

Oline - F
QB - D, see Oline, probably the reason.

Running backs - C, See Oline
WRs - C, See Oline

Dline - D
Linebackers - C-
D backs - C

Special teams - D-

Coaching - F on recruiting, see Oline. C on X & Os. Hard when you fail to recruit properly

Spot on.

It blows my mind to see these guys grades week in and out, I’m just like what game were they watching? Must be from practice, we know they all practice so well.

I think the D is accurate, but I get why you guys think its a F.

Ragnow’s play would earn that alone

The difference is Tom and I are not fans so there is not that level of frustration that you guys feel.

You can’t discount what the offense did in the Florida A&M, Texas A&M and New Mexico State games. Yes, there were breakdowns and some of those aren’t good teams, but the line also helped score 42 or more points in all of those games.

To me, an F would constitute failing in every game. That hasn’t happened.

Bottom line: It has been bad and some coaches might be looking for new jobs if it doesn’t get better fast.

I’ve been a Razorback fan since Dudley and I both had hair and I’m as disappointed as anyone. But I think a D is appropriate not an F. Of our four loses, 3 are ranked, 2 in top 4. I just hope we can get a win Sat and turn around the season. GHG!!!

My take,

I think the OLINE is below average but so is the play calling.

If you have a weakness you sure as heck don’t play to it

If they can’t hold blocks long then don’t call play action so much because while the fake is being carried out the DL are on the QB’s butt

Send more fly sweeps even if you do not use them to make them think.

Have a wr every play run a post just to make the CB and safety follow some one and pull one from the box.

You have to throw it also just to show you will and that you have confidence in them.

Also AA cannot hold the ball that long, he has done this last year as well. that sure doesn’t help protection
he also cannot act like someone stole his candy if someone makes a mistakes, to me his reaction is pitiful if they run a wrong route.

remember he has thrown pick sixes and I do not remember them running up and whinning

the grading scale is interesting

i would say worse than last year
overall bad
wholly and totally unacceptable


I think it is about right. When average is the best you’ve got at all spots, tough times are imminent. We just aren’t really good anywhere.

I was asked about this on the radio today. I’d probably go


S B-


Hard to be a good team with bad line play.

A Bret Bielema football team with DL and OL’s graded an F in his 5th year…wow.

What a failure of recruiting, developing, and overall program stewardship.

Line play has been poor. Nothing on this team is above average. Hard to give anything above Cs anywhere. There were flashes of As in A&M game. Defense decent in red zone for three quarters against TCU. That’s as nice as I can be and I’m usually optimistic. I don’t do grades in football. Only thing that matters is the scoreboard. It’s 2-4.

Thank you Clay…at some point (and I think a half decade is in is very reasonable) it becomes about the results on the field and to date they have been poor.

Yea, unfortunately this is about right and equates to a 2-4 record. If Hogs have these same grades in the 2nd half of season, probably finish up 4-8 with signature win of Mizzou :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

The results have been poor since the win 58-42 win over Mississippi State on Nov. 19, 2016.

The win over Florida last season on Nov. 5 was the last SEC home win.

But until that things were trending upward even if the starts to the seasons were not always good.

We can all agree that in the past calendar year have been bad, but let’s don’t act like all five years have been bad or not up to expectations for what was a rebuilding job.

Partially disagree with the Oline. Yes, it’s hard to run or pass with a line that lets all 11 players through to hit the QB, but at the same time (as has been brought up before) the QB that knows he is gonna get hit, cannot hold the ball for 60 mins and not expect to take a hit, and when he does he gets up and cries and moans about the “bad line.” Part of the Oline issue is completely on the QB. Go watch SCe and Bama games again, look at the difference in the body language after they take a hit. Look, which game looked like the line started to gel. Now, here is the real question, last year against Bama Ragnow was a guard, Rogers was a C, Froholdt and Wallace played. Those same four played again this year, obviously there is a weird issue going on, if those guys play against Bama and no other game. What’s going on? Don’t give me, the “we don’t see practice” bull, there is another issue. Could Bret really no longer care and is tanking on purpose to be fired? Could that be why he looks lost, stays away from the team, and blames everyone from the fans to the placekicker about the horrible line play?

These kinds of stories are fun to read because all of us relate to grades, but really they are based on opinion and are a bit unfair. I agree the line play on both sides of the ball is well below average, but I really think you have to take individual positions and rate them if you’re going to do it. I cannot, in any way, rate Frank Ragnow a D or an F. Also, I cannot believe Sosa deserves that kind of rating. Maybe others on the line deserve it, but those guys have to be playing better than that.

Now it is a team game and each room has to be rated. But if I were to give a grade to this team overall it would be 2-4.