Mr. and Mrs. Bordelon

Here is a photo of Scottie and his new bride, Mallory. They were married this afternoon just south of Greenwood. Jimmy Carter was a groomsman, and Ashley and I had a chance to attend. It was a quick service and a long reception.

For two people from small towns, Scottie and Mallory have a lot of friends and family. I’d estimate there were at least a few hundred people there.

They are en route to a beach honeymoon. Scottie will be back in time for the football game next week, or so he tells me.

Congrats Scottie! You definitely out kicked your coverage.

Happy for you and your bride.

Ahh, the memories you two will make!! Love it! Congratulations to the bride and groom.

Great couple. Congrats.

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Bordelon. Blessings for your life together.

Best wishes to you two.

A great looking couple! How did he get so lucky?

Congrats to the Bordelons! Great news.

Congratulations to the Bordelons!

I’ve never understood the “outkick the coverage” analogy in this instance.

When you outkick your coverage in football bad things happen. You usually give up a big play against your coverage team.

It’s more like you nailed a high punt out of bounds at the 1 yard line.

My theory on that is the underlying assumption is questioning whether he can keep her. Yeah you kicked the ball a long way, but can you make the tackle?

Congrats Scottie to you and your new bride. Thank you for all your great coverage for us fans looking to soak it up like sponges each and every day and I am sure I speak for most if not all on here in wishing you the best in your new marriage and many many incredible years together brother! All the best and catch you on the flip side, somewhere just before kickoff next Saturday haha.

Congrats Scottie, and all the best to you and your beauty. I hope you are as happy 41 years from now as I am with my lovely lady…