Moving On from Auburn - Beat Ole Miss

One final rant

Its time to accept the SEC does not Give a Flip about Arkansas as a Program because the SEC respects Winners

I think we blew a great opportunity early on in the SEC when we failed to win the Conference and that Reggie Fish Punt attempt still is haunting

Three trips to the SEC Championship game and three loses

The SEC respects brute Force and is a bottom line respect for Winning league in FOOTBALL
Gives a nod of approval for Basketball and Baseball but Football gets you respect and support

Its time to Win and Keep Winning - Arkansas did it in the Old SWC when it was not covert prejudice against Arkansas it was overt prejudice

It’s time to accept SEC Officiating Crews will continue to show bias to winning programs because its a human tendency that even Vegas anticipates

So winning over time will get Arkansas close calls - just win and winning the SEC will respect you - One thing the SEC is honest about - It loves a winner

Auburn is horrible and the SEC says - “So What Arkansas?” “Take the Bitter Pill”

Right now we got a Great Coaching Staff and an Arkansas Program trending UP!

And Like the good ole days (NOT) in the SWC Arkansas beat the best

Now - Arkansas just has to work to beat the SEC and time to return to the SEC Championship

So beat the crap out of Ole Miss and continue to enjoy the Asterisk next to Arkansas Win loss record that will solidify Arkansas is one game better than the record and Sam Pittman is going to be Coach of the Year as Arkansas gets a Bowl game (COVID Rules)

Beat Ole Miss - Beat Tex A&M or U Tenn, beat Mizzou, and Yes Beat the crap out of L-S-U! and

Arkansas will be the Cinderella story of the year

I have hope again

and BTW - I’m ok with postponement of the Ole Miss game - beat up as the team is now - it may be to Arkansas advantage either way - Win and

Winning helps me move on

I can roll with all of that Bluegrass. SEC has really shown their true colors. All of the football and sports world has seen it, not that anybody really cares.
We just need to win In football and I believe we will.

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I haven’t been this excited about Arkansas Football for over a decade - Its really looks like Arkansas right now - Coach Sam Gets it

Just win

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We’ll get respect when we earn it. If we’d done the Henry Heave Saturday, they would have called it back or blamed an inadvertent whistle or something (and I’m surprised there wasn’t an inadvertent whistle the first time). But that team was competitive in the SEC. This one is still under the stigma of 0-20. In November if we’re 3-3 we might get that call.


I agree

Got to win and earn it

In the words of the infamous Aunt Shorty:

Go to hell, Ole Miss, go to hell.


I’m with Aunt Shorty!

So as we sit chained to the SEC wooden ship with an oar in hand and rowing to the drum beat, we should be grateful…

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