Moving on - Acouple of Thoughts

Next week we will be back in the SEC. MSU certainly is an SEC team, but with Leach, it way different. This coming week it will be back to a LOS game. We will see if we can stand up to that for 4 qtrs.

GA sure had their number, but that is not surprising. They got ours after a half as well.

More other thought is about Chad this morning looking at the AR film. What is he thinking? I sort of wonder about that.

Need some our injured payers back, especially our D ends Burks and Boyd. Agree about LOS and big boy SEC ball being back in play.
Hope we ditch the trick plays on offense…each time we’ve run them so far, we’ve turned the ball over or big lost yards.
Our former coach ought to be worried about his and ole Gus’s job security if they don’t win well this year. Auburn folks aren’t going to be patient with them for another 3 loss year.

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