Moving Ezell to leadoff totally changed this offense

I had wondered very early in the season why we didn’t have Ezell leading off because he was the perfect leadoff hitter, he had patience, made contact, had good speed whereas Martin was never ever going to be a leadoff type hitter due to his impatience and strikeout rate. I am thankful we finally made the move and along with good heart hitting third has really transformed this offense to where you have a hard time Pitch ing to it. Just hope we can keep it up I know next weekend will be a challenge but I believe we’re up for it.

Texas A&M has some good starting pitching but our hogs can hit them! The most important game right now is game 3 of the LSU series then we can’t focus on The Aggies!

I was thinking the exact same thing last night!
After DVH made that lineup change, this offense really started clicking!
I just want to finish off LSU today and THEN start focusing on winning the series with A&M

Oh I am focused on LSU too! i want to sweep them badly.I really hope Noland can have a great outing to get his confidence back b/c we really need that reliable 3rd starter,he has the ablity but will really have to be on point b/c LSU has some dangerous LH hitters who will be looking for a hanging CB. Get them brooms out! WPS!!

What a difference Ezell has made for this team! Where would we be without him in the lineup? He has to be one of the best players we have ever picked up for 1 year! He has made this team so much better and even with a sore shoulder!

And in spite of his lack of height, he has a really good glove for the position… you are right, this offense ran off the rails when he moved to the leadoff spot.