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Not sure I’ve ever seen a team that’s as slow as we were today in getting plays in. Almost made me think we were intentionally milking the clock just to get the game (and the season) over with. :thinking:

You could have a point. It should have been obvious to the coaches before the game (okay, last week also) that the team just did not care (had given up before any plays had been run). Sad!! Unfortunately, I’m not sure that I know how the coaching staff can turn that around anytime soon, in addition to getting enough quality depth. Maybe (hopefully) I’ll feel differently in a few weeks, but right now (for perhaps the first time ever) my “just wait until next year” has left the premises.

Yet it is the same staff that got them off in an average of 14 seconds at SMU.

Wonder what the difference was?

I think we all know the answer to that.

Well sir, I’m not sure that I do know the answer(s)? CBB successful elsewhere, but soon peaked and then cratered here. Players like Hedlund terrible here and then great elsewhere. Do you really think that Arkansas players this year were that much worse than what they had at SMU?? So many things just don’t add up for me and are so disappointing.