Movement on a new ballpark for Oklahoma State … 8a778.html

This is relevant to the Razorbacks for a couple of reasons. Obviously Arkansas goes over there some for regular season games and was there for the regional in 2015. OSU and Arkansas also recruit several of the same areas.

Allie P. Reynolds is badly outdated and not reflective of OSU’s strong baseball tradition. It kind of reminds me of the old ballpark in Tempe before Arizona State moved to a minor league facility outside of town.

The Cowboys have needed a new ballpark for many years. They have the money to make improvements anytime they want too so it really makes no sense they have waited this long.

I hate to hear it simply because I don’t want to see any competitor gain an advantage or lose a disadvantage. Fortunately, despite their tradition, I suspect we recruit a bit better & will continue to do so. The SEC is more dominant in baseball than it is in football. Kids want to play in the SEC.

There is not too much about that place that is adequate.

    • There are two restrooms, and the number of stalls is totally inadequate. The powers-that-be were too dumb to provide porta-potties during the 2015 regional.
    • The outfield has no drainage and is a place where fly balls go to die if an outfielder cannot get to them.
    • The scoreboard was high tech, in the 50s.

The Oklahoma State stadium is dated in just about every way possible. I’m sure it was a jewel at one time, but that time is not now.


This looks kind of similar to Baum on the inside.

VERY much so, from that brief video.

I found a few more photos of the proposed stadium today. I would say it looks similar to Baum Stadium before the 2007 renovation, which expanded the suites all the way down both lines. There also appear to be outfield seats planned in left and right.