Moved from 25 to 21 in Pomeroy tonight

We’re moving closer to lock status. I don’t know if beating A&M will do it, but A&M and Bama would.

Next game and one game at a time.
I wonder what the NET rating will be tomorrow?

Historically, It seems Arkansas always move up very slowly when they move up, but if they lose a game they don’t move down with equal measure. They get dropped like a hot rock. It will be interesting to see if that continues to be the modus operandi for the ranking systems this year.

I think it was in 2014 that we beat beat a good Kentucky team twice… the second time late in the season at Rupp. Everyone national and local were saying we were a lock for the NCAA that year with those 2 big signature wins. I think our last 2 games we ended up dropping on the road and we were relegated to the NIT. I think our final record was something like 22-12 that year. Just saying that we climb up the ladder very slowly, but fall off fast.

Our Net Rating moved up 1 spot!
I looked at some of the teams around us and it make very little sense why some of those are ahead of us.
The SEC needs to play a 20 game schedule to start with and cut some cupcakes out. That would fix part of it.
I guess our non conference competition wasn’t very good either. Winning games like that makes you wonder. But then I look at Houston and where they are despite the poor conference they play in and the horrible loss they have to the worst team in their league and I wonder how they justify this system. Also how the heck is Houston deserving of such a high seed in the dance. If it’s who you play them I just wonder. Gonzaga has some poor teams in their league too

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