Move-in day for hoops

I’m ready for football but I am off the hook for the basketball season.I keep seeing these hogs in the sweet 16! GHG!

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Who is the giant on the right of the last picture?

Recruiting coordinator Patrick Ackerman

I knew Musselman was small but my goodness

Awesome pictures! I got plain giddy just seeing The Fantastic Four together on campus. Let’s get it!

Wrote about Pat Ackerman earlier this month. He started his playing career at Penn State then transferred to Detroit Mercy. Injuries prevented him from playing his senior year at DM, and in that year away from the game he realized how much he wanted to get into basketball/coaching somehow someway.

After one season at a D-III program in Virginia, Ackerman was offered a GA position at Nevada under Eric Musselman, and they’ve been together ever since.

KK taller than I thought. I was under the impression that Devonte would be quite a bit taller but they look pretty close!

I remember that article Scottie. Just didn’t realize the size of that man although it was mentioned then. Talk about being “looked up to” literally.

Man, coach is a little guy. I am so pumped about the basketball program.

has Davontae always had lower legs that skinny? hard to imagine them holding up for D1 pounding… Great class and really amusing how many people are most impressed by Ackerman. Obviously size matters.

should add Bryson arrival also:

Mentioned him here - Four freshman signees and


Where do the basketball players live? Are the freshmen required to live on campus and can then move off campus starting their sophomore year?

The new dorm Adohi is located closest to their basketball facilities but is a good hike up the hill to the campus. The Northwest Quad is closer to the campus but furthest from their basketball facilities.


Freshmen live in the quad up on the main part of campus. It’s the only dorm building that has single bedrooms. After freshman year they can live whenever but they live together.

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