Mountain West

Blake Anderson and Utah State win MW championship.

Happy for Blake. Good man, good coach.


Good for Blake. He’s been through so much I root for him every week.


He had a terrible life experience and handled it with poise and grace. ASU fans talk awfully about him. It’s good he’s gone from there.


Wish him nothing but the best. He has been through a difficult time and seemingly not only survived but thrived. I can even overlook his wise guy comments, kicking us when we were down. Guess I understand that the little brother complex (actually in their case, red headed step child is more appropriate) kind of is expected on that campus.

Wow, with all he went through how could anyone talk awful about him?

It’s ASWho. Say no more.


One of my best friends was AA at Utah State. The former coach screwed over his son who had offers from the whole Pac 12 and Mt West. He went to BYU. I told him a year ago if his son still liked Utah State, he should give Anderson a look.

My fiend has a box in Logan. Last week Anderson came to his seat and gave him a certificate of appreciation. We were in San Antonia on business Tue when notice came that his son (without telling his Dad) had entered to tans portal and accepted and offer from Utah State.

The only down side to that for me is I was looking forward to being his guest next year in Provo and returning the favor the following year in Fayetteville.

Another bullseye.

Blake Anderson inherited good programs, but his work at Arkansas State and Utah State is impressive. He has won four conference championships in the FBS in seven seasons.

That was a pretty big upset, and a shocker to totally manhandle San Diego State. The Aztecs beat two Pac-12 teams this year, including Utah.

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You wonder if Blake has had any Power 5 nibbles, or will get some this year. He can clearly coach.

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