Motivation for next week?

Four names:

App State
Georgia Southern

'Nuff said.


You talking about fans or players?

Our freshmen were in second grade when BP hit the ditch. That’s ancient history to them. Even Bumper was in sixth grade. I’m sure Sam will mention it to them but they’re not going to grasp it like they grasped Texas week last year.

Great question! OP likely just carried away in his own world.

I am talking about some fans that I have talked to that just assume we are gonna win by 5-6 TD’s. Not the players, nor the staff. Trying to be lighthearted mainly

All I have to do is just remember sitting in the stands for the Citadel game. That’s it. Motivation aplenty.


Boy that is the truth. Remember that all too well.

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I keep remembering the past Misery State game where we had a long run or return and a Bad Uni Bear was trying to make the tackle without his helmet on. He failed. So will BP.

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Jeff, one of these days you should just list all of your nicknames. Misery State. Love it.

Yup! LOL!

I heard some students will be dressed up as BP. Kinda funny, but classless to. Hopefully they don’t stoop to that level.

I still call them SMS (Southwest Missouri State U). But I grew up in SW Missouri and I know that they were at one time Southwest Missouri State Teacher’s College. BTW, I was in favor of the name change, but it really irritates their fans/alums when I call them SMS.


I’ve done a list or two but I keep updating it. For example, Tennessee used to be Evil Orange Empire- Knoxville, or EOE-K. No more. They’re now the Evil Mustard Empire.

Oh, that return where the Bear guy lost his helmet? I found it. Petrino should remember that play, it was Joe Adams in 2011. I believe I have it cued up on the highlights.

Usually I end up calling Misery State the Bad Uni Bears, in dishonor of some of the hideous outfits Keith Guttin puts his baseball team in. Like this:


Glad the guy didn’t get his head knocked off.

Joe Adams…damn…did I appreciate at the time how great a punt returner he was? I am not sure. I do now!

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I remember when Guy Webb was there and their basketball team was so tough…punched above their weight so to speak.

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