Motivated by struggle: Andrew Parker's fight comes from mother

I started reporting for this story early in spring practice and sat down with Andrew again in May. He’s a very bright kid who has overcome a lot: … es-mother/

Excellent Scottie! Thanks for sharing…

I think his development is a real key for the defense going forward. He’s got the physical skills and by all accounts is a bright kid. It’s not so much that he starts this year, but that he gets enough meaningful reps to be ready to be an impactful replacement for Harris starting in 2020. The numbers of quality LBs do need to increase in the upcoming classes, but if you start the year with at least one proven LB it makes it a lot easier to plug younger guys into the rotation.

I think you nailed it. I don’t expect Parker to have a huge year, but, barring injury, I think we’ll see him make a few plays here and there that showcase his potential.

Great story and there have been plenty of other players in the past with similar situations and I believe all have made big impacts as a Hog.
Barring injury I see Parker following that mold. He could be the next surprise player on defense.

Great story Scottie and thanks for sharing it!

John Chavis told me the talent is there. He said his job as coach is to get that talent ready and on the field this year. I believe Parker is a diamond in the rough type. He’s got the speed and ability to play in the SEC. He just has to understand the system. He was hurt much of last year and that delayed his development. I think linebacker is the toughest position in this system. A lot to digest. They simplified it last year, but I don’t think that’s going to be the case this year.