motion offense,

Hard to run the motion offense when we don’t have motion…Got to stay with the offense longer before our guards decide to go one on one. Need more cuts and screens…JMO.

Our guards run a good motion offense most of the time. That is why they have won so many games. You cannot win games with a stagnant offense. However under extreme defensive pressure, our motion tends to go motionless. I think that is primarily due to not having a true PG. What we have is three combo guards who never ran the point in high school.

the biggest problem i see with this team is we have no low post offense…Gafford has potential with the jump hook,just needs to gain about 25 lbs to maintain position,we are a perimiter team and the better defense just take that away from us…this team is dynamite in full court basketball and will struggle with anyone who has good defense like NC and Houston…I think we have great potential if Gaffford gets better down low.

Twins. Florida is playing Florida State at home and they look just like our hogs did aginst Houston.

One bad game!

Yeah, looks like a PK80 hangover. I think the atmosphere was so intense at the PK80 with an NCAAT-like vibe that teams haven’t been as up for their next opponents. Like Houston, FSU was pointing towards this game in a nondescript NC-schedule. Both Arkansas and UF would have been better served by playing cupcakes to get back into the grind.

I agree with the schedule. I don’t like true cupcakes. Sometimes those cupcakes beat you and it destroys your year.
Houston will be a good team.