Most valuable sports teams in the world

It is amazing Dallas Cowboys are #1 without winning big in recent history. And somehow New York Knicks and New York Giants make the Top 10.

Also Dudley’s Manchester United is no longer in the Top 10.

Wellington Mara, who passed a few years ago, bought the New York Giants in 1927 for $400. His children inherited the Giants, valued at over 4 billion.

It is surprising the Warriors are more valuable than the Lakers. It is also surprising to me that the Los Angeles Dodgers are not on the list. Major league baseball has really receded in popularity while the NBA has really come on as a major sport. David Stern was one sharp guy.

Yeah, looks like Steph Curry jersey sales are way up.

Wellington’s dad Tim actually started the Giants for that $400. Wellington was 9 at the time and served as a ballboy.

Not really. The Dubs have the incredible new downtown arena in an area with more money than they know what to do with. And they’re not sharing a market with another team.

You would think that Auburn would be up there somewhere as big as their payroll seems to be. :wink:

They have it hidden. Deep operative stuff. You ask too many questions and suddenly you have drones following you around. At LSU they don’t care who knows, perhaps the ghost of Huey Long still cast dark shadows.

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