Anything in the air to left field is going out today

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12 nuttin

Our pitching will have to be spot on and in command cause MS can hit the ball!

Okie Lite has now given up 27 runs over the last six innings

I would try to pitch them in on their hands so they won’t hit it very far. I’m thinking they probably don’t like off speed pictures like most power teams. I know McIntyre went against them in the midweek and did pretty decent except for one pitch I think they hit out on.just can’t walk people and turn home runs into more than solo

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Wanting Okie State to make this a much more stressful game and really get to Mo Stats pitching I reworked a call on Jobu and gave him an OSU look.


They could care less, their DONE. MSU can put in their BP pitcher and hold it.

I’m trying to put the whammy on…

I do like how MOST pulled their pitcher quickly. That’s one complaint I have from the armchair about DVH, he waits to long to pull a struggling pitcher

This guy for MS is going to screw around and let them right back in the game 2 is already in base are loaded nobody out Grand slam cuts the lead in half. Lot of games still left they were wise to bring in another picture that guy didn’t have anything

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I would have pulled the kid last nite when we got up 6 and he sat on the bench 30+ minutes…but DVH has always taken the approach get the WIN and we’ll figure out tomorrow when it gets here. Been working. :sunglasses:

I’m glad they did it, but it helps us tonight. He’s out tonight. It makes for a lot of innings for their BP to pitch.

Don’t look now, but Okie lite is showing signs of life.

12-6 right back in the game

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Jobu at work!


The cowboys lost a runner at second base on a pitch in the dirt they lost 1 run and an out.


Yeah, that was stupid, but it was that hotdog, Roggio.


I still want MoSt to win, but I don’t want it to be easy. Would love extra innings. Exhaust some arms. I assume it’s a very warm day even if it’s not especially hot. That should take a toll.

Regardless, we need solid pitching tonight.

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That was twinkle toes.


Oklahoma state has by far the best picture in the game right now if he can go four or five innings they will pull this out probably I don’t think was MS has anybody left that can get them out probably… we will see.

13-6. I’m just telling you any fly ball to left field is a home run. Ball wasn’t even hit that well

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: