Most uninspired team that I have

Ever seen:

No energy
No enthusiasm
No all out effort
No aggressiveness but rather intimidated
No toughness
No mental fortitude
No hitting
No blocking

And worst of all no fight—-none.

This group of players seem content to lose. Just sad.

It’s all on that coach Delta…he’s the one responsible for game planning and prep. And he’s also responsible for adjustments, and keeping players inspired and motivated.

Well I seen it with two different Coachng staffs.

It was instilled y the last coach.

That’s the biggest thing a coach has to do when changing the culture, get the culture out of the program. And that’s a losing mentality set in by a coach who didn’t lead by example but instead do as I say not what I do.

Thought we might be on a two year rebuild, but I think its a ten year plan and most likely two more coaches, we are at rock bottom.