"Most" of LSU team has had virus

According to Ed Orgeron.

I saw Texas Tech reported 75 positive cases on its team since June, and Oklahoma nearly suspended its game vs. Missouri State because of so many cases. I suspect several teams have had high numbers this summer.

I’m wondering when the SEC is going to announce its virus protocols. The Big 12 is requiring 53 healthy players plus 1 QB and certain numbers of OL and DL; if you can’t meet all those requirements you can postpone the game. Someone wrote at the time that the SEC was working on something similar.

Fridays have been the SEC’s go-to day for virus-related press releases all summer, so maybe we’ll hear something by the end of this week.

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Herd immunity? Where else did I hear that lately!


Glad QB’s stay healthy every game. (Sarcasm Alert).

If they go to Bourbon Street, Covid will be the least of their medical issues…

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Or did u hear herd mentality perhaps?

I wonder how well they’re able to tell if those who’ve had it have some sort of lingering issues–either latent issues with things like the hear or obvious things like continued difficulty breathing.

Minor breathing complications that last 3-4 months or longer might not be a big problem for most people, but I could see it being a major problem for someone who has to exert a lot of energy in something like a football game. I don’t mean necessarily a fatal problem, but just something that could affect a player’s ability to perform on the field.

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