Most NBA guys on any single Arkansas team?

Seems to me we have 5 guys who are almost certainly going to take the court in an NBA game at some point

Smith, Brazile, Black, Council, and Walsh (Jordon could really use another year in college to get stronger and grow into his frame a bit more). There may be others but too early to tell at this point on the other young guys. Graham has some intriguing potential too.

Can’t remember us every having 5 NBA players on a team. Mayberry, Day, Big 0 was 3.

94 team had Corliss and maybe Darnell played in the NBA a bit (can’t remember).

Never had 5 though (someone can correct me if wrong I’m sure!)

Butch Morris played in 25 games for the Pistons. He was on the MayDay teams. So that’s four.

Six players off the 1982 team (plus Joe Kleine who was redshirting) were drafted, but only four of those (plus Joe) actually played in an NBA game. So that’s five at one time.

Six were also drafted who were on the '78 FF team, but only two played (would have been three if Marvin hadn’t gone AIA instead).

I intentionally didn’t use “drafted” because the NBA draft used to be 7-8 rounds compared to the 2 there are now so not a fair comparision

True which is why I went on to note how many actually played in an NBA game.

I know this…it is the most athletic team, top to bottom, of any team we’ve every had. My group was discussing this while watching just yesterday.

Now, we’ve had some dynamic, outstanding athletes go through our basketball program. I won’t even attempt to start listing them here. But, as a single group, this squad has more high-level athletes than any we’ve had…at least in the 50+ years I’ve been watching.

And - by the way - they aren’t just athletes; they can hoop a little bit too!

This team kind of reminds me of some of the great Alabama teams we used to play in the 90’s (Robert Horry, James “Hollywood” Robinson, Latrell Sprewell, etc.) except we’ve got 6 or 7 on that level, where they had 3.


Well said.

Darnell Robinson was drafted, but never played in the NBA. Pretty sure the only other players from our ‘94 team that played in the NBA were Corey Beck and Clint McDaniel, though both for only a short while.

And, that made 4 in the same draft class, with May, Day, and Miller. I remember wishing that Butch would have gone late in the first round instead of really early in the 2nd. That would have tied that great UNLV class with 4 first rounders in the same draft class.



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