Most LSU Offensive Linemen in Quarantine

Too bad we can’t move our game up to this Saturday.

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Well I believe it is gator killing time down on the bayou :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

That’s going to happen several times this year, I bet. I hope we’re lucky enough to avoid it. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if about 20 Tide or UGA players got quarantined about 3 days before we play them. For that matter, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if that happened to every team we play.

I had thought the SEC said they had flexibility built into the schedule to postpone a game to be replayed if necessary. MLB example, any positive immediate games postponed.

From what I have read, sounds like UofA has maintained isolation procedures & has successfully minimized Covid on the team. Just hope the rest of the SEC is doing the same. Would expect the coaches to encourage players to take on-line classes when possible & avoid in-class environment.

With school started, are many of the players living off campus in apartments, or are they isolated in dorms? Wondered if living arrangements changed this year due to Covid & same as in the old days when the players lived & ate at Wilson Sharp.

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