Most lopsided officiating I have seen in watching Hawgs ...

Completely agree! Honestly, if our FT attempts doubled to 22, I would just shrug my shoulders and recognize that should have been anticipated at LSU. That’s a 16 FT discrepancy but that’s not far off from what happens to us at LSU. BUT, I went back and watch the game again with big grin on my face, only to realize something I didn’t before. Arkansas shot 11 FT’s for the whole game making 7. Did anyone realize the first time watching that 7 of those 11 FT’s only came after the 8 minute mark in the second half? Meaning, for 32 minutes of the game, we only shot 4 FREAKIN FT’s the entire game, but LSU had shot 25 up to that point. TWENTY FIVE!!!

I did, gotta love SEC officials

Turns out one of the officials from the game is K. B. Burdette Jr, who is from Stuttgart and now lives in Maumelle. Is that the Michael from Stuttgart, the anti-Anderson caller on Bo’s show? :smiley:

I believe your right! That’s a shame someone with an agenda calling games.

Like I said earlier one ref didn’t call any fouls against LSU at all. I know for sure he didn’t till at least the 4 min mark in the game so I doubt he called any against them after that.
Hope Mike and/or his staff picked up on this.
What gets me, Waters plays 40 minutes without 1 foul guarding our point guards. But Harris fouls out playing little over half that time.
I bet it was Burnette.

KY keeps a tracker of SEC officials and their (KY) win/loss record with said officials.

Joe Lindsay - 67-14 (82.7%)
Vladimir Voyard-Tidal - 7-1 (87.5%)
K.B. Burdett - 4-0 (100%)

Wonder if the other schools keep track. Wonder how ours compare with those three?

I have no problem reading about people analyzing bad calls, in fact it is sometimes entertaining and/or informative. But although I am an Arkansas fan and a Saints fan, I still have problems with 3 things some people say about bad calls (and I say them having played basketball for 50 years and having refereed)—

(1) There is statistical evidence that refs’ calls are (slightly) unconsciously biased towards the home team, but refs are not consciously biased towards any team in any situation.

(2’) A disparity in free throws alone is not necessarily proof that the referring was bad or biased.

(3) Refs calls alone do not decide a game. Players make mistakes too. As a star basketball player once told me, never blame a loss on a ref, just concentrate on what you can do better. I bet Mike will spend more practice time on beating the press and no time on how to complain about calls . I heard on this Board for 2 years that Arkansas lost io UNC in the NCAA Tournament solely because of a bad call in the last 2 minutes. It was a horrible call. But UNC scored the last 10 points in the game. What about the other 8? And UNC won the National Championship, it’s not like the refs alone beat us. We played great (except at the beginning and the end) and I was super proud of us, but we made mistakes too.

Nah not yesterday. 9 times out of 10 I would agree with your sentiment, but yesterday’s incompetence was staggering.

I don’t think they were “in the bag” for LSU, but it was blatantly one-sided.

I usually never complain about officiating. It’s part of the game. But yesterday was atrocious. We got called for a foul on several consecutive possessions and we were fouled during that time but no whistles. I am not saying it was intentional or pre-mediated, but it was not consistent, period.

I get what you are saying and you are correct there are plenty of mistakes made in games by players and coaches.
Most of the time that part is balanced between the 2 teams playing such as Rebounds, TO’s-forced & unforced, FT’s, Assists, Shot%, etc. All these things player controlled.
In all fairness as per the Total Fouls & Players fouled out & FT descrepancy, Rebounds, TO’s we should have lost the game. Only one area saved us & that was FG % & 3 pt %. We shot lights out the whole game near 60%. That’s outstanding on the road.

Now, as an experienced referee & knowledge of the game such as you stated.
Did you watch the game without any bias and conclude that the no calls/bad calls balance out for each team?
Have you ever officiated a game at any level and went the entire game without calling 1 single against one of the teams?

I’m hard on officiating because like you, I’ve officiated basketball as well. I know what the rules are, position officials are suppose to be in, and proper conduct.

I agree with everything you said, except the first part of your third point. You know as well as I that although we can’t decide the game, we can certainly tilt the game in one teams favor. We can’t make free throws for them, but we can handicap the other teams defense by the calls we make. This happened last night. LSU used the officials, especially towards the end, as a crutch to eliminate bad play. The last 6 minutes of the game, they just ran up the middle and drew fouls because they knew they’d call them. Arkansas would do the same thing and get nothing. When LSU ran their press, it was so successful because the officials let them run it like the 94 Arkansas team. Again, normally I’d be ok with that except they didn’t call it the same way. There were numerous examples of LSU body blocking our guys out of bounds with no foul called, but there were at least 3 that I counted where Waters was also body blocked out of bounds and all of them were called as fouls. Simply put, if its a foul, its a foul. If its a bad foul, fine, but call it on both ends or simply stop making the call.

Teams are suppose to adjust to the calls officials make, you and I know this. But can you honestly tell me that Arkansas had any chance to do that last night? We don’t see everything perfectly and we make mistakes, but last night was over the top ridiculous.

The only redeeming value that I’ll give the officials last night was on traveling calls/lack thereof. I saw Harris travel 3 times at least and they never called him or Water the numerous times he did it on them. That’s the only consistent area that I saw where the calls were made.

My son called it during the game. It was either Harris or Jones, traveled on a basket and my son goes, “He traveled. Refs gave AR a makeup call.”

Now as to the two of you (both officials), Jimmy Dykes proudly told an AR fan last year that EVERY CALL GETS REVIEWED, the fans response was, “What about no calls?” Crickets from Jimmy and those from ESPN that had agreed with his original statement. I’m interested in seeing what Mike actually thought about the officiating. I haven’t seen any post game comments from him addressing it. Wonder if one of our guys can ask him and see what he says or does (smiles and says next question).

The most blatantly obvious one was Harris on the left side of the perimeter caught a pass in motion, stopped, and took a HUGE step forward without even dribbling to cut to the middle. I can’t remember if we scored but I winced when I saw it thinking turnover, but a call never came.

Everything you posted looks good until you brought up the point about the last 10 points. That point was made by quite a few people after that game. Problem with that argument is that you are making the assumption that the way everything played out after that bad call would play out exactly the same way had the call gone Arkansas’s way. You cannot assume that. Playing from behind is totally different than playing from a winning position. The playing strategy is different, pressures on the players are different, etc.

This is not to say Arkansas would have definitely won if the call had gone our way. At the same time I don’t think we can assume that UNC would have scored the last 8 points even if the call had gone our way.

I partially agree/disagree with you on this. That argument has been made this year as well in regards to a few games.

I’ll use Texas for instance, in the last minute, we shot four free throws, we hit one. If we hit two, it would not have affected how the game played out at all. Texas would have still been using the same scenario and Roach would have still launched the desperation three, the only difference is the game would have ended there.

Now, in the UNC game, you’re correct, that foul happened far enough out that we aren’t sure how the final minutes played out.

But that’s not always the case, the Texas game is a prime example.

I agree it depends on when the bad call takes place.

Good points by a lot of you and good questions too. As to Jimbeau77’s questions–I root for Arkansas, so if I was biased at all, I was biased towards Arkansas, but I try my best to be as unbiased as possible. I did not think the refereeing was good. The worst thing I saw was when an LSU player made a textbook charge, the Arkansas player was upright and perfectly stationary, and there was no call at all, the guy who charged passed, and the guy who got the pass made a layup. Even my wife could not believe there was no call, she said at least call something, if you think it was not a charge (it definitely was), at least call blocking. But I saw at least two calls that went Arkansas’ way that I thought were questionable. Now I did not have a calculator in my hand or head totalling how many calls I disagreed with that went LSU’s way and how many went Arkansas’ way, but my strong guess is that LSU got the benefit of questionable calls more than Arkansas did. I DVR’d the game and will watch it again with that (and other things) in mind. Given all that, though, I think Arkansas’ inability to handle the press was the biggest factor in their losing the lead and almost losing the game. But having Gafford and others foul out was also a very big factor, and if that was the referees’ fault, you can certainly blame them for that. I do hate the fact that a referee can make a questionable call or two and foul a player out of the game. I have felt that way ever since I went all the way to Alaska to see the Hogs play, the refs make several ticky tack foul calls on our center, he fouls out, and Arkansas has no chance to beat UNC since our best player is out a good part of the game. Same thing when Kentucky knocked the triplets and their team out of the NCAA semis years ago, there were so many fouls called early that the game turned into a farce. The ability to foul someone out gives the refs too much power IMHO. It’s not like that in football, if you call someone for offsides or holding 5 times, you don’t eject them from the game. Although I think the refs do not totally decide a game (although yes, they definitely influence it), it does seem like the power to foul someone out does almost amount to that. I do not understand the question about have I ever seen a single 1 in a game, please explain. But I have seen almost everything in basketball. Including when I was playing rec ball in grad school, the ref called a technical on the fraternity team we were playing, the whole fraternity was watching and stormed the court harassing the ref for the call, and the ref was so intimidated that he said he made a mistake and the technical was on US. Now THAT’S a home court advantage!

By the way, at least one of you mentioned a make up call being made. When I am watching a game I sometimes say “that was a makeup call”. But I really am joking and/or saying that to show how bad I thought a previous call was. I really don’t think refs consciously make a bad call for one team to make up for what they think was a bad call for the other team. Nor should they. As my Mother used to say “Two wrongs don’t make a right”. And it would be unethical to intentionally make a bad call (even if the purported reason was to even things up). The only cure for a bad call is to make a sincere effort to not make a bad call again.

Yeah, I said the makeup thing. My son said it when AR scored on what was a walk. But that was after a couple calls/no calls that seemed to go LSU’s way.