Most lopsided officiating I have seen in watching Hawgs ...

49 years. I know we foul a lot, but the discrepancy in free throws should never happen.

Agree 100% Delta. That was the worst officated game I’ve ever seen period. I thought the officals were bad in the UNC game a few years ago, these guys took it to the next level.

We got 11 free throws. They got 38 free throws. And they were the team pressing the entire second half, we were in a zone most of the time lol.

I can’t think of which game, but there was a game in recent years where the FT discrepancy was similar. We didn’t win that one though.

I wonder if the refs will make up for the home cooking when we play Vandy and give the benefit to the road team

First, that was a GREAT win. If I were Mike Anderson I would pay the fine but I would complain publically about that officiating. Typical SEC protect the higher ranked team. They do it in football. That was pathetic officiating. What a discrepancy. GREAT win. 5 against 8.

Anyone see the play where the ball was “stolen” from Joe and the guy basically tackled him? The 5th foul on Harris was also BS where Waters basically tripped himself.

Also since when is getting hit in the face a common foul? The one on Reid was especially flagrant.

I’m usually not a “refs are out to get us guy”, but that was horribly one sided.

Agree. It was criminal. The foul on Jones being. Cross body blocked into the boards should trigger an investigation. I’m not even kidding. That was the worst officiating I’ve ever seen in my life. Not exaggerating.

FTAs were 38–11. Fouls were 29-18. We had 3 guys foul out and 2 others with 4 in a regulation game and the inconsistency was unconscionable.

The league needs to look into this game that was downright embarrassing stinking refs ought to be ashamed!! But I’m so proud of our guys ate withstood all the BS and pulled it out !!WPS!!

Agreed. On his fifth foul Gafford got fouled on a moving pick, really an NFL block, by Reid. It should have been Reid’s fifth. If he had made that game winner, it would have been one of the worst hosings in the history of Arkansas sports, which is saying a lot. Some officials should be fired for that one. I’m not exagerrating either.

The refs could’ve called body contact on their entire second half press…they mauled Jalen Harris more than once. Joe got tackled and run outta bounds on that turnover…it was bad…mike needs to take the fine and for that matter should bring up the FBI investigation regarding Wade.

I was yelling at my TV asking how Daniel fouled him when the LSU guy was backing Daniel under the goal as he went up to defend the shot

I seldom am critical of the officials. It all usually evens out. But this was the worst I’ve seen. I was yelling and cursing at the screen like I never have before. Terribly one sided. So proud of our guys for hanging in…

The officiating was a disgrace. I can’t list the mistakes that came out of tonight’s game without writing a book. Simply put, the refs were calling two separate games. LSU could do almost anything they wanted, but they’d call Arkansas for what they were allowing LSU to do. The worst was all the body checks that LSU got away with.

You could see the players obviously getting frustrated. Harris complained multiple times that he was getting smacked in the chest and it was never called, but you breathed on an LSU player and a foul was called.

I’m always worried when I see officials and coaches laughing and cracking jokes at one another. It’s something I always avoided when I was an official, but I saw multiple times where this happened with LSU’s coach. I said we would get no love from the officials, but this was a disgrace and those officials should be fired.

It was poetic justice though that LSU still lost, but it’s also frustrating when the opposing team scores over 1/3 of their points from the line.

Arkansas was the better team and the officials tried to give it to LSU. Fire the officials.

I was waiting to see what your opinion was.

My two favorite body checks that nobody is talking about are when Isaiah Joe jumped up to catch a pass and an LSU player AS PLAIN AS DAY, smacked him across the face with his arm. No foul was called and LSU got a turnover. The second was the sequence where Gafford got knocked to the floor on his back. He got fouled twice across the arm and the refs allowed them as blocked shots. Normally, I wouldn’t say too much on the no calls on Gafford, sometimes those are hard to tell, BUT there were MULTIPLE occasions where our players did the EXACT SAME THING to an LSU players and we were called for a foul. At that point, I almost threw my drink into my friends T.V., but self restraint got the better of me.

In a game with a laundry list of laughably bad calls/no calls, to me the worst was Jones getting drilled and knocked into the boards and they called a foul on him.

That was the one that made it look like the fix was in. Had they called the paint the way they did against us, DG would have had 4-5 And 1s. Then get gets smacked on what is a flagrant 99 times out of 100 these days and they take like 5 seconds to call it a common foul (never mind that he was fouled on both shots on that possession IN ADDITION to getting hit in the head).

Harris shot ZERO FTs and handled the ball all night and was getting pinballed around. And, he fouled out and several of his were questionable at best.

It really looked like the fix was in. I’m sure it wasn’t, but you won’t see a more poorly officiated game.

I have no idea how MA kept from completely going off.

I ageee with you guys! Call the SEC office Monday morning and write a letter! That’s what I’ve been doing for years.
Refs eating cheese with coaches and players goes on way too often.

There was one ref (I forgot his name) but at the 4 minute point left in the game he had not called 1 foul against LSU up to that point. I didn’t keep up with him after that bc I was about to break something including the TV.

The FT discrepancy is one thing, the no calls is the big thing. Gafford should have had several and ones he didn’t get. We got beat up especially down the stretch, it looked like Nolan days on the ball. Very handsy and we got nothing called. The FT discrepancy was a joke, no calls rule the day control everything. Mix both and it’s a scandal.

Yea, I agree with you on this we don’t need to let this go. I see people tweeting Hunter Yurachek telling him to call the SEC office, I’m going to do the same. There seriously needs to be an investigation launched on all 3 of the officials tonight.

Others have said it, and I’ll said it again, worst officiated game I’ve ever seen on any level. There’s so many bad calls I don’t know where to start. They had 2 obvious by the book flagrant 1 fouls and refs called common foul on them both, when the announces themselves said those were textbook flagrant 1 fouls. Harris got hacked all night long and was getting bounced around and didn’t get a single call, yet if he breathed on Waters he would get a foul called on him. Joe got mauled a couple times and no foul called. Only thing they really gave us was when Gabe stood there and got charges that they basically had to give to us because his position was so good. Other than that they put everything else against us.