Most likely outcome from yesterday’s beat down?

  1. The Hogs will be more focused after possibly spending too much time reading news clippings the previous few days.


  1. The Hogs will lack confidence due to humiliating defeat.

If the Hogs had played a mistake free game, had not given up the punt block, etc. we would have lost by the same margin. They DID play at their highest level and we are nowhere close to holding our own against that team even if we play at our best.

Our seniors and super seniors made mistakes. We seemed rattled by the crowd. Maybe all of that will make us better ready to handle Ole Miss’s crowd. They should be mad and ready to make up for the poor game.

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Option 1. No doubt in my mind this coach and staff will have them back in the saddle and ready to go this weekend. The whole loss of confidence and cashing it in for the rest of the season after one bad loss is a result of poor leadership among the coaches and team players/leaders. I just don’t see that happening with this team. I think even if they lose the rest of the games on the schedule they’ll be fighting down to the fourth quarter against Mizzou. It’s a new culture, the dark days are behind us.


Hogmodo, many of those penalties were lack of focus. Dropping a fair catch - lack of focus. Miss chip shot FG - lack of focus.

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Third option is that they go back to work and excited about playing Ole Miss. The same is true about the bunch at Oxford.

The really important question is who got beat up the most physically, not mentally. Ole Miss is down a few wide outs. A few in the O line beat up.

Ole Miss invested a lot in the Alabama game. They have thought for 12 months they would beat Alabama. That game was not in doubt either.


It could have been too much focus, not being able to ignore the crowd, the setting, and play with confidence. There are many reasons that players make mistakes. Maybe we will handle that kind of moment better the next time. I hope so.


It is very difficult at the least and impossible in most cases for a team to be as fired up and focused as our Hogs were the previous 3 weeks (not counting the Rice game) and not expect to see a letdown. Georgia is darn good, but I do not think that they are that much better than our Hogs when we are fired up and ready to play. I did not see the same focus and intensity from our Hogs yesterday as I had seen before. Probably would not have won anyway, but I do not think that it would have been the total beatdown that we saw. Hopefully our Hawgs and us as a fanbase can just move on from yesterday and return to our former awesomeness! I for one am ready to see us kick some behind on this next Saturday (and I’ll worry about other future games one at a time as they come).

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I think whoever can gain Momentum early has a big advantage bc both teams got reality checks of just how far they are behind the 2 Elite teams in the nation and are probably a little fragile mentally.

We IMO HAVE to get off to a great start bc we let them start running and gunning it could be a long day for the defense.I think our offense has to be our best defense bc they got ran over by Bama like we did and we must start giving them more of the same and we have the backs to do it.


I think option 1 is the most probable. At this moment, it is hypothetically possible for Arkansas to still win the SEC West and face the SEC East champ (Georgia) in the championship. Possible, not necessarily probable.

We would have to beat a good Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and Auburn, then LSU and Missouri teams, then somehow beat Alabama toward the end of the season. That is a gauntlet. Every one of them is winnable, but they have to clean up a lot of stuff from this past weekend and not repeat it, then have Alabama have their worst game at home.

Probability - about 1% but possible. These guys stayed around to turn the program around and for pride. That goes a long way.

I think we go back into wompin mode this weekend. We got 3 more hours to recuperate from our beat down than Ole Piss did theirs. We can win all the rest of our games, except Bama, and I will be disappointed if we don’t. The jukebox was in the shop for repairs yesterday. Go Hogs!

Run the pig skin north and south right at them! All day long! The east west junk needs to be thrown out of the playbook.
Occasionally I’d like to see the middle of the field attacked with a pass!

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They run the same 3 man scheme as us and I can’t see them stopping the run game if we run right at them for sure and that could be our best defense,they can’t score without the ball.

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Very true Youdaman. Make it a ball control long time consuming drive and finish with TD’s! Then on defense all it will take is a couple of turnovers to beat them. Our defense is better this year and I think we need to leave to man to take the QB. Take the Q B run away! Ole Miss has a few receivers that won’t be playing full speed. One missed the Bama game and 2 left the game hurt.
I like the hogs chances to win this game.
It’s about getting the MO JO back in Oxford for our hogs.


I hope it is back to wompin time as well. I think the 4-0 standing with the #8 rank also played a part. We aren’t used to actually being respected. I don’t think we handled it well. We are the spoilers still learning to win. I like our chances better this week, but still think we lose this one. I am pretty sad about the loss. I felt humiliated. I immediately reverted back to the Chad Morris days of apathy. Like the gap is too great. We stink and will never be elite. I don’t know why this bothers me so much. If CSP can rally these guys and get them fired up to compete with an beat OM, then we will know without a doubt how special a coach he is. But man, was Saturday’s beating tough to watch.

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