Most Important Stat Against LSU

Of course, the most important stat is Hogs 90, Tigers 89. But, outside of the final score, I felt the most important stat was Jalen Harris with 5 fouls, with the fifth occurring with more than four minutes remaining in the game…on the road.

In comparison, Harris averaged 2.05 fouls per game prior to last nights game with LSU. Just for the record, Harris previous high # of fouls was “4” versus GA Tech, occuring only once this season. And, he only had 1 foul versus both Tennessee and SC on the road, and only 2 versus Florida.

Harris has been the Hogs most stable and under control ball player. Low TOs and Low Fouls…until fouling out at LSU. Humbug.

The Hogs don’t really have a second string PG, so Harris’ outing was a key strategy. His fourth foul occurred when the Hogs had a ten point lead with about 9 minutes remaining.

On the positive side, Harris might have two more games to play at LSU.