Most heroic Defensive effort

Since USC 74. Those guys were asked to do the nearly impossible tonight, and they did it. We have some real warriors on that side of the ball. Incredibly, we did it without either of our stud DE’s playing a down.


Had something to say but I cant WE WON! i HAVENT BEEN THIS HAPPY IN A LONG TIME! Yes ive been drinking GHG!


Incredible effort!! So happy for Sam and the Hogs!

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Good day for me. My only child (daughter) was married today and the Hogs win On top of that. In Hog Heaven tonight.


Those defensive guys have so much heart and guts. Time and again the offense puts them in a hole and they just hang in there. Great defense will win games for you, but Briles need to step it up some.

Same roster as last year (+ - seniors/ freshman)- COACHING MATTERS!!

USC 74? Now that takes me back, I was a freshman at UA and that was my first game to attend as a student. To be honest I don’t remember much about it except that we won!

That was the night Dirt Winston introduced himself to Anthony Davis. Over and over again. I think the final was something like 22-7. That was USC’s only loss and they went on to win a share of the MNC.

I can’t recall a better effort by defense. Two straight stops in the red zone in the 4th qtr. And both after MSU had short fields to cover. It was tremendous.

During the last few years (er, 10 or so), our D seemed to eventually collapse. They hung in there the whole game today, expecially as the Offense sputtered in the 4th quarter.

OK Dirt I do remember of course, No. 55 right? And I was thinking the USC tailback was Charles White but maybe he played on an earlier squad.

It was particularly remarkable tonight considering how many guys were out or got hurt during the game. I believe walk-on Hudson Clark was out there in the defensive backfield for many important snaps in the second half. Burks and Boyd got hurt, Coates and Gerald did not play. Two or three guys on defense played through injury. Gutsy, man. Just plain gutsy.

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Other great defensive efforts…a pair of 31-6 wins against #2 ranked Texas A&M in 1975 and OU in 1978 Orange Bowl.


Those were two great defensive efforts Guy!

Anthony Davis was the tailback. He ran one kickoff back for a touchdown, but Dennis Winston hit him often and very, very hard.

Dennis Winston played great that night. He pounded A Davis all night long. Even further back was Cliff Powell who had a great game with 24 tackles against Texas in the great 1969 Game of the Century.

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