Most embarassing loss since

Stan Gable and the boys had their jock straps handed to them by a buncha nerds. SELA isn’t even SEMO. Hopefully this is our Hofstra moment, and we go on a run from here.

I have a friend who coached SE La and move on and up to Ponchatoula HS… Johnny was friends with Lael Lockhart and family and more importantly has great fishing connections to Delacroix area. SE La is a bit of a joke in all athletics and has been for a long, long time.

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They’ve had a couple of good football seasons with Steamboat Kelly, but they have a long tradition of being paper lions.

good only because of the competition faced. Johnny did face DVH when he was at northwest la which is more directionally respected. No way that SE has made any athletic respectable sports, even the Harvard of the bayou usually has its way with them meaning Nicholls.

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The Southland has had some good baseball teams. It has produced some good coaches, too. Dave Van Horn, Mike Bianco and Jim Wells are some of the ones who cut their teeth in that conference.

Southeastern Louisiana is the favorite to win that league this year. I think that team could be a pesky 3 or 4 seed in a bracket when June comes around. They did not have their best pitcher this weekend because he is recovering from Tommy John. He is expected back within the next few weeks.

When you look around the country and see what some of the other mid-major conference favorites are doing, it makes you appreciate winning two of three against a team like this. North Carolina State and Oklahoma State are trying to avoid getting swept today at their home parks against Northeastern and Gonzaga. Liberty and Long Beach State won at Florida and Mississippi State on opening weekend, and Bryant swept East Carolina on the road.


Good to see some of new guys starting to hit. They had earned their playing time with great play in fall. Figured they would hit.

I listen to Bubba Carpenter. He likes their swings. He said they had been fouling off good pitches to hit. They did not do that as much yesterday.

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We did get some better swings yesterday for sure Clay. Moore would have had two home runs in the first game Battles would have hit one too. There’s going to be some weekends with the winds not so against us we’re going to put up huge numbers if we keep hitting the ball that hard.
Really like what I saw of Tygart he came in throwing 95 in on the hands, that was very impressive.He didn’t have his nasty breaking ball but there’s not much you going to do with 95 in on your hands.

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Dave Van Horn will figure out this team. He always does. Lots of talent. Not everyone comes out of the chute on fire. Nature of the game. He will keep stirring and changing the mixture until he likes the way everything tastes.


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