Most Disturbing Thing I See On Defense...

Is simply lack of effort. I see guys NOT giving maximum effort all across the defense. We’re not aggressive, our Safeties and LB’s wait instead of trying to blow up blockers & RB’s. I can live with talent deficiencies, but we’re poorly coached. You do NOT see well coached defenses play passively or in too many instances… Flat out loafing. Watch the replay closely, you’ll see it frequently!!

I saw some who played hard, but I did see coasting by some. That needs to change. I pointed out lack of effort to Dudley and Matt (on both sides of me) during the second and third quarter. That was disturbing.

A person I was watching the game with said he thought our defense was scared of them.

Clay where do you think this is coming from?

Even in dark early years of BB effort didn’t lack although games were tough to watch but now in his 4th year what gives???

It was very evident

Good post. Totally agree. We loafed some last night & I didn’t see an aggressive defense.

I didn’t get a chance to see all of the game…who are you talking about…positions?

Too many times players either gave up on plays, or didn’t aggressively attack blockers, RB’s, and receivers. Offensively our Oline just simply whiffed or didn’t see people they were supposed to block. I can assure you of one thing… Back in the day under Ken Stephens or Lou Holtz, they’d have our backsides running today until we collapsed for that kind of performance and effort! Losing to a better team is one thing but lack of fight & effort is NOT acceptable!!!

Good post. It was very evident yesterday and the last quarter of the A&M game that there was not a total team effort on defense, especially noticeable from guys trailing a play. Tennessee nearly pulled one out thanks to a defensive player that jarred the ball loose as an A&M runner was about to score. No real leaders have emerged.

I think you mean Ken Hatfield.