MOST did not represent, that's Missouri State

Kind of a catchy acronym, but they folded and didn’t represent the four state area. I think the Hogs would have taken the regional if we didn’t have to play the rain delaying day. That game should have been pushed to the next day. We were flat and worn out after being at the ball park for the better part of 24 hours. I know, “sour grapes”. But, I have to believe we’d have given the horned frogs a better fight. And we would have not ever worn those horrible “camo” uniforms.

You are a day off in what got the Hogs. You lose in the first two days, you are going to have a hard time winning the regional. Yes, they were tired from the 10-hours of baseball on Sunday when they played the final game Monday night. That was caused by losing to Missouri State on Saturday night. The key games in a four-team regional are the first two. You must win those two games. Seldom does anyone have enough depth to win a seven-game regional.

I was pulling for TCU. I’ve just come to dislike MoSt.

My son is interning in Dallas this summer (and was probably the only Hog fan rooting for TCU to win its regional on the chance that Arkansas would also win). He went to the first game of the super between MSU and TCU. I asked him who he rooted for. He said he went into the game neutral, but after sitting near MSU fans for an inning, he started cheering for the Horned Frogs.

Of the 16 super regional teams, 5(31%) lost either game 1 or game 2(FSU,Long Beach, Sam Houston, Kentucky, and Miss. St). Be interesting data to look at long term. Only FSU going to Omaha.

Mo St had more pitching depth than I realized. Either that or they got an extraordinary game from the one who pitched the Monday game. I didn’t get to see any of it, but I assume it was good pitching rather than our bats just being exhausted. OTOH, I was pleased with our pitching for that game. I expected it to be a high scoring affair. Turns out Sunday was the high scoring game & the Monday game was not.

Following our final loss, most at our tailgate were practicing the froggy hand sign. No one was too fond of the SMS fan base nor the team.

I agree on those crazy looking uniforms. I’m an old guy who likes the traditions inherent in baseball. Those uniforms are the most nontraditional uniforms I have ever seen.

Coming into the year, only 18 percent of teams that lost Games 1 or 2 in the regional advanced to the super regional. So this year was a little above average.

When we lost on Saturday, I told my wife, “we are done.” I was hoping to be wrong. Wasn’t. :frowning:

I felt like we were done after the Saturday loss, too. I thought we’d beat ORU and then lose to MoSt in the nightcap. After we won that, I started to get a bit more optimistic. I thought by then they’d be out of pitching & that our bats would be enough better than theirs that we’d have a good shot on Monday. I knew we’d be tired, but I thought MoSt might be a little bit worn out, too, & since we’d been sleeping in our own beds & playing in front of a friendly crowd, we’d have a good chance–maybe better than 50-50–to pull it out. We came close, but couldn’t close the deal. That’s the problem with baseball. Anytime you get down to one game, too many things can go wrong.