Most 5 star recruits by SEC school

Who would the five Hogs be??

Ahmad Carrol
Alex Collins
Darius Winston
Mitch Mustain
Darren McFadden
Ryan Mallett, though he started at Michigan


If we count Mallett we need to count Drew Sanders as well.

Thank you for that, I had forgot about Winston. So 4 instate players made a five star and played for the Hogs.

Anyone have guess \est. of # 5 stars that left state for a comparison?

Still amazed by some of the numbers on that graphic. Sure underscores need for Jimmies and Joes.

Only 5-star I can think of that left the state was KYSO Dyer. Altee Tenpenny was a 4-star, so were Kiehl Frazier and Kodi Burns. I don’t think the kids that went to Tennessee (from Warren and Clarendon although their names escape me) were 5s either.

The Warren kid was Bret Smith. He was a 4.

OK, make it 2. Cedric Houston was the Clarendon kid and he was a 5.

Thanks, I appreciate the efforts to share this info.
Says Hawgs cannot miss out on these players as they are rare even today.

On the other hand, would we have been significantly better with Dyer or Houston or Smith? I think not.

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And we weren’t significantly better because Mustain and Winston signed with us.


both of those were badly overrated

My memory goes back to the early Broyles era. Had the rating system existed from that time forward, I’m thinking our pre-SEC 5 stars might include:
Lance Alworth
Joe Ferguson
Jerry Eckwood
Billy Ray Smith

Eric Mitchell to Oklahoma
Keith Jackson to Oklahoma

Keith Traylor (Malvern) to juco

If he went juco that means he couldn’t get into school. So we didn’t lose him. Didn’t sign him out of juco though but that’s always a crap shoot.

Name escapes me, roughly 20-25 years ago. Secondary that was drafted by the broncos. Hard-hitter in college. Had 5 star potential.
Oh yess and DAN Hampton was a keeper as well.

No, we didn’t lose him. He couldn’t get in anywhere.

People that I trust say he’s the most dominant defensive player ever in Arkansas high school.

Played LB in high school. Grew into a DLineman in NFL.

Loyd Phillips might have been a 5-star at the time.

Billy Ray definitely would have been a 5-star. He’s the first one I can remember who went through spring practice instead of finishing high school.

Are you thinking of Kennoy Kennedy?

I think he’s thinking of Atwater.

No southpaw but KK was a good one too. Drafted by Seattle I think.

Yesss Atwater. Thanks man.

IIRC Steve Atwater was a high school option QB in St. Louis and converted to defense at UA. I don’t think he was that highly regarded as a recruit.