Most 3s made per game in Razorback History

I was surprised to see Pargo’s number being that high. I knew he made a lot of threes but didn’t think it was that many

I have always wondered what Marvin Delph’s numbers would be as far as threes. I know it probably wasn’t in this range because the teams of that era did not shoot as many field goals period. But if he played in today’s game, with his accuracy, he’d be in this group.

I agree. I also think Boothead would have been in there too.

Boothead had that kind of range, but didn’t use it much. As Pat Foster said, just wasn’t what he did for that team. You saw glimpses of it in the NBA when he took the Gervin role for a few games.

Alex Dillard??

Not enough playing time

Dillard’s per-game 3-point totals were 2.2 in 1993-94 and 1.6 in 1994-95.

I saw Brewer hit one from about 50 feet once in a game at Barnhill. Sadly it didn’t count! He was inbounding the ball from just inside half court and was attempting an ally-oop to Schall maybe. But it went in unaided. Coming directly from out of bounds naturally it didn’t count. Brewer couldn’t miss even when he tried!

Exactly, to many weapons. I do think he is the best deep threat I’ve ever seen. As in longggggg range.

Did you see Delph?

No, a little b4 my time. I’m 40.

Anyone who leaves out Delph is quite a bit younger than me. I figured as much. You would have been amazed at the depth of his shot. He let it loose from 25 with ease. Money. And, 25 is way out there. No 3-point line in those days, but he would have been way beyond it. He did score on stick backs, but most everything else he shot would have been a 3-pointer now.

When I think of Delph, I think of that transition 30 footer against UCLA in the NCAAs that stunned the announcers. Unlimited range,

Yes, and 30 is correct. I hear people throw around 30-foot shot all the time. But it’s not 30 most of the time. That one was 30. My brother was the SID at the time and he went on the court and stepped it off after the game. 30.

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Here’s the highlights of that UCLA game. No 30-foot shot here. Neither is the play where David Greenwood knocked the stuffings out of Sidney on a dunk attempt (would have been a flagrant under current rules). Sidney picked himself up and missed both foul shots. I remember that play because my brother was so mad at Greenwood that he put his fist through the wood paneling in our den. (Yes my brother had anger management issues. Still does.)

There was one play here where Delph hit a jumper that the announcers said “shooting from Texas”. But it looks to me that was basically an elbow jumper and might not have even been a trey with the high school arc. Now his first shot of the game was definitely a trey now.

I had one more thought watching this. If we had Steve Schall, or someone like Schall, on the current team, we’d be top 10 in the country.

Delph did that in high school… I remember him letting one go from the timeline and didn’t even wait for it actually go through before he went back on defense… our guys just kind of stood there and looked at each other…

And he could jump out of the gym…

That court was especially wide.

Sounds like he was amazing player.

Marvin had a signature move. Late in the first half if we were holding for the last shot, he’d station himself in the corner closest to our locker room. They’d get him the ball, he’d drill a corner jumper with one second left and then just step off the court heading for the locker room.

He shot 56% from the floor as a senior in '78. From where he shot, that’s unbelievable.

Delph may not have made as many per game but his % would have been up there, way up there.