Moses starting tonight on ESPN

at 6:30 vs the Celtics

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He’s not being tentative. Took five shots in the first four minutes, made one (a dunk), dove on the floor for a loose ball, got a steal. Bringing the energy so far.

2 points for the game. I understand taking the money and the way the league works but Moses was not ready for the NBA.

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He is in the starting lineup for the best team in the league his rookie season. What do you want?? Another year wouldn’t have improved his draft stock at all. One more year older and exposure in the sec playing against several one and done freshman Nba first rounders - is not going to make Moses look like he all the sudden has elite nba level quickness ball handling or scoring abilities. He was drafted based on his potential as an 18 year old kid with long arms and elite defense and three point shooting.

He went pro because he could be drafted 14th and get a 17 million dollar deal. You realize if he was picked even five spots later in the first round he would have earned 3 million less on that contract? There was no guarantee he would even be a first rounder coming out as a sophomore (or that the hogs would even make the sweet sixteen without Justin smith)

He made the right decision and is having an outstanding rookie 19 year old season- he’s absolutely killing it in the G league and getting way more time in a nba rotation than say Isaiah Joe. And he’s on the best team in the league. He’s in the locker room making history with the best three point shooter ever, that right there is all the reason in the world to pass up spending another year on the muss bus.


I said I understand how the league works! I still don’t think he was NBA ready. My opinion only.

Moses was trying to go inside and draw fouls in the first few minutes and wasn’t getting the calls; I think three of his six first half FGAs fit that category. That happens to rookies. I didn’t watch the second half so not sure how that stint went.

You did watch him play, right?

I was at almost every home game last year. I didn’t get to watch last night.

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Guess I just don’t understand how the best coach in the league thinks he’s good enough to start a game for the best team in the league if he’s not nba ready.
He’s not going to win rookie of the year, but his game is going to develop exponentially more starting alongside steph curry and being coached by Steve Kerrs staff every day than it would have from another year in the muss buss. Even if you think being the man every game competing for a championship in the sec is the best way to develop, well, he is the man competing for a championship in the g league on the nights he’s not busy with the warriors. He is in the ideal situation and more than nba ready. I admit I wasn’t confident that he was after the NCAA tournament last year, but he’s proved me wrong getting drafted 14th and staying in the rotation for the warriors.

I applaud muss for sending him to the pros when it’s obvious we need another Moses with the hogs this year real bad. It’s going to pay off next year though. I can’t wait

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Steve Kerr is resting Curry, Draymond, Wiggins, Iguodala and Otto Porter tonight at Toronto. With Jordan Poole still in the protocol, I suspect MM may get another start tonight, and a lot more run.

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How many first rounders ever are? 5?

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