Moses' shooting

Moses had, for him, a poor shooting performance yesterday. We absolutely need him to shoot it better tomorrow. I don’t think he took bad shots. I DO think he was more offensively assertive…and I applauded that. We need that. But his shots were typically short.

Anyone out there have a thought on this? I played basketball back in my day. A PG that liked to shoot it. I am also a low handicap golfer. I bring this up because I know I play my best golf when I am loose, and in my routine. Aka when I have been able to hit balls leading up to important rounds, and feel prepared. From what I hear, Moses likes to put up lots of shots everyday back in Fayetteville. I am sure he’s not able to do that in the bubble.

I wonder if that is a factor? Or, maybe its just good ole fashioned trying too hard. I sure know trying too hard never helped my jumper…and it sure doesn’t help my putting stroke!!

In any case, I am gonna be watching his shot early on. A good shooting night. from Moses is almost sine qua non to moving on IMO. Only because the competition may demand it.

Those last 3-4 shots at the end of the game that were short were pure, dead on straight with good form. To me, there is no doubt it was caused by weary legs. I’m sure those shots felt good to him and he expected to see them drop though the net. I see that as a positive for him. He’s a very high IQ basketball player and I’m certain he recognizes that now.

These tournament games are more physically taxing than probably any other games he’s ever played in. Especially for a freshman who is asked for great defense, along with fighting on the boards and carrying a big load of the offense.

I think he’ll be fine for the Baylor game. Playing the #1 seed Baylor will automatically bring on more adrenalin than playing the # 15 seed (regardless of how good they’ve played). That additional adrenalin will help him fight through any leg tiredness as the games wears on.

I’m expecting to see a confident excellent basketball player shooting well, defending tenaciously, and hitting the boards hard. And, he’ll play even better in the final four.

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It may have been weary legs. The only reason I didn’t lead with that as a possible reason was they had several days off between the TTech and ORU games.

In any case, I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT. We need his shot dropping tomorrow. Let’s go Moses.

I think it’s more a young guy feeling pressure and trying to guide the ball rather than just shoot it. He made free throws just fine for the most part. Legs affect free throws just as much if not more. He needs to settle down and make some shots.

Pressing early in the game. Shots missed in late minutes of 2nd half were most likely weary legs. Playing from behind and then tight game all the way to the end can cause that. Lot of energy spent early.
Remember he started out on fire hitting everything the basically went cold in 2nd half in a game we lost against LSU in SECT. 20 pts 1st half & 28 for the game.
Moody plays hard and produces in all phases of the game. Hopefully his shots fall at a higher percentage from this point.

I just don’t buy the weary legs stuff. If that’s the case late in games, then these guys need to be in better shape. And that argument would hold more water in game 2 of a 2-game tourney series. ORU was game 1. They had an entire week off.

With the shots taken later in the second half consistently hitting the front of the rim, certainly makes plausible the weary legs theory. Muss has shortened our bench during the tournament and seemingly more so in the second halves of the games due to the deficits we have fought through. Hopefully our guys find some energy reserve for Baylor, they are quick and their guards are very good.

All of these theories may be the issue.

But, I also point to one Tiger Eldrick Woods. Tiger, as any fan of golf knows, has never played as well in the Ryder Cup team events as you would expect. And his playing partners all say he tries his brains out, so its not lack of desire. Some of those closest to him, notably Notah Begay, always pointed out that Tiger is HUGELY wedded to his daily routines. Hit this many balls. This many putts. Arrive at the course this many minutes before tee off. Etc. And, at the Ryder Cup, his routine is blown up.

I really do wonder if being in the bubble has altered entire team’s ability to get up practice shots. We have all heard Muss talk about how many shots Moses likes to get up a day. That cannot be happening right now.

It is probably a mixture of all the things. And we aren’t the only team not shooting it well (Baylor just went 3 of 19 from 3 against Nova). I just can’t help but think that lack of their usual access to a practice facility to get up their normal # of shots might play a factor.

Of course I could be totally wrong too!

I do hope Moses get’s his shot going. Its critical for a continued run imo.

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