Moses sent to G League

Hopefully not for long.

This is in fact good for Moses. His minutes were down to zero in the last two games. In the minutes he received before that, he just did not look ready for prime time. Hesitant and not explosive.

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and most importantly, he can find tons of UC Santa Cruz swag. the banana slug is absolutely a top shelf mascot. we stopped by there about 20 years ago, literally pulled off the highway, so I could go to their campus book store and get a tshirt. sadly, I wore it to rags.

but what a beautiful piece of america to be “stuck in”, lol. what a life!



That area is beautiful. Always loved my business trips to California.

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Agree with your assessment but I’m not sure he will ever overcome that lack of explosiveness. Glad he struck while the iron was hot and got that lottery money. Needs to invest it well.

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Isaiah Joe is in a similar situation. He went from a hot shooting preseason to DNP in the last game.

I feel sorry for Joe. He was just drafted by the wrong team. I was really surprised that Philly drafted him after trading for/signing with, 2 of the best 3 point shooters in the NBA in Green and Seth Curry. There are a lot of NBA teams that would give Isaiah minutes. In Philly, he can’t get enough minutes to make him attractive trade bait for a team in need of a shooter.

Moses will be back with the Warriors tonight. He scored 18 in his G League game.

Moses got 21 minutes in an easy game against Thunder, had 6 points and 3 rebounds. He was 3-7 FG 1-5 FG3, 1-2 FT.

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Shake Milton coming back moves IJ farther down the bench. Have watched every 76er game and he still hasn’t shown the ability to create a shot. Defense just closes on him and they know he can’t get around them. Maybe he can get Traded.

Green just resigned last year I think. Can never have enough shooters

Yes, but NBA teams have a set rotation and it is hard to break through, unless injuries.

In other ex-Hog news, Dan Gafford has missed the Wiz’ last two games with a quad bruise but Washington is winning anyway. Current record is 5-1 with two wins over the Celtics this week, He’s reportedly making good progress and should be back in the lineup soon, possibly for tomorrow’s game at Atlanta.

Amazing what getting rid of Westbrook can do for a team

They made the playoffs last year because of Westbrook. They hadn’t made playoffs for a while. And they didn’t get rid of Westbrook. He was a free agent.

Westbrook wasn’t a free agent. That’s why the Lakers gutted their roster and shipped KCP, Kuzma and Trez in the trade. He had signed a five year extension with OKC in 2017.

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You are right, my bad.

Addition by subtraction

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